Graduate Profiles

Top 3 Reasons Yoga Trapeze Teachers Are So Successful

Yoga teachers struggle in business when they try to sell yoga. You need to stop trying to sell yoga and start solving problems.

5 Ways to Make Money Teaching Private Yoga

Do you get burned out teaching drop-in classes in studios and secretly wonder, “What if I did my own thing?”

How to Sell Without Selling Out (yeah, really!)

Everyone hates selling. Well here’s the good news: There is no better selling tool in the world than teaching.

Can I Earn a Good Living Teaching Yoga Trapeze®?

Have you asked yourself if it's actually possible to make a good living teaching the Yoga Trapeze? Lucas Rockwood shares his insight.

Teaching Jobs & Studio Ownership

When you’re thinking about your teaching career, don’t get stuck on the “where” because yoga classes can happen just about everywhere.

How to Earn a Good Living Teaching Yoga

We train our teachers in business, marketing, sales, and customer service so we can all help each other build sustainable careers.

Teacher Resources

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Spain: More On Barcelona

Read about your yoga teacher training options in Barcelona, plus 4 important questions to ask yourself before you choose.

Can You Travel the World Teaching Yoga?

If you're creative with where you look, traveling and teaching is a great way to go.

Why Teach Yoga? Is it Worth It?

Is teaching yoga even a good choice? We have 6 reasons for you to think about.