Yoga Teachers College®
We Turn Passionate Students into Professional Teachers


“Our goal is not perfect poses, acrobatics or extreme flexibility. YOGABODY teachers and students come in all sizes, ages, and shapes. We understand that the challenge, struggles, and commitment to yoga practice is where the magic of transformation is born. Practice is everything…”

– Lucas Rockwood (Founder)

Why Choose Yoga Teachers College?

  • Science & fitness focus (no religion)
  • Business training
  • Real-world experience
  • Flexible training schedule
  • Affordable payment plans
  • International credentials

A Modern Approach
to Classic Yoga

No incense, no chanting, no gurus… we focus on mind-body fitness for everyone. Founded in 2007 by Lucas Rockwood, YOGABODY welcomes students of all backgrounds and is committed to democratizing yoga so everyone has access. Below are our 4 Principles of Practice.

Yoga Teacher Training
Become a Diplomaed Yoga Teacher (DYT)

STYLE: Fitness-Based Flow
DURATION: 6 Months
FORMAT: Blended Online / Offline


Yoga Trapeze Training
Get Certified to Teach Yoga Trapeze

STYLE: Inversion Sling Yoga
DURATION: 5 days + home study
FORMAT: Blended online/offline


Online Yoga Training
Continuing Education Courses

STYLES: workshop, business & More
DURATION: varies
FORMAT: online with live coaching


International Diploma & Certificates

The Yoga Teachers College offers unparalleled training, resources, and professional development by leveraging the best of online and offline learning. Our blended approach to learning allows for deep learning at a natural pace, maximized practical training during in-person immersions, and exceptional depth of learning.

Industry Accreditations:

  • American Council on Education (endorsed for university-level credit)
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Yoga Alliance International (USA, UK & Australia)

*Our training standards exceed every national and international standard.
Our graduates are qualified to work in any country, obtain insurance, and register businesses.

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