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The definitive mind-body fitness training for career-oriented professionals

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WANTED: Passionate yoga students eager to start a career teaching yoga internationally

The Yoga Teachers College offers master-level training for those looking to build a career as a yoga professional. Our trainees benefit from the best contemporary learning technology combined with old-school apprenticeship. Graduates walk away with the skills, confidence, and experience needed to become not just teachers, but community and business leaders as well.

Whether your goal is to teach locally part-time, travel and lead workshops internationally, or open your own studio, the Yoga Teachers College will support your career every step of the way.

Your trainers and fellow trainees will support you as you transition from yoga enthusiast to yoga professional.

The Only International Degree Program of its Kind

Our accreditations and registrations meet or exceed every international standard for yoga teachers. More importantly, our graduates are confident, competent, and ready to work immediately after graduation. Our mission is to raise the standards and redefine professional yoga teacher education, and to ensure our graduates are employable in every public and private sector worldwide. We train tomorrow's yoga leaders.

Access complete course syllabus here.

Classic Teaching Opportunities:

  • Yoga studios
  • Schools (public & private)
  • Gyms & fitness centers
  • Senior care facilities
  • Corporate offices
  • Privately

New & Exciting Opportunities:

  • Travel and teach internationally at health centers, spas, and hotels (coaching provided)
  • Pop-up studios (super low startup cost, high income opportunity)
  • Studio ownership (YOGABODY is recruiting affiliates)

The Training Path to Success

  • Barcelona immersion #1

  • 100 classes (at home)

  • 24 eLearning modules

  • One-on-one coaching & mentorship

  • Barcelona immersion #2

  • Apprenticeship & placement

  • Teacher (YOGABODY affiliate)

  • Studio owner (YOGABODY affiliate)

  • Work independently
    (build your own brand)

Top 5 Reasons to Apply for the Yoga Teachers College

#1 World-Renowned Degree: Our college is registered with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance Australia, and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). As a graduate, this means you can work professionally in more than 41 countries, can easily obtain business and liability insurance, and can work in a wide variety of facilities, including yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, and schools. If you plan to open a studio someday, your degree will make it easier to get bank loans and bring investors on board. A YOGABODY degree opens doors professionally and gives you complete freedom of choice when it comes to where you'd like to live and work.

#2 Progressive Style of Yoga: YOGABODY is leading the way with a mind-body fitness-oriented approach that is fun, inclusive, and accessible to all ages and backgrounds.

#3 Master-Level Training: Our curriculum is unmatched by level I, level II, or even advanced level courses anywhere else in the world. From anatomy to public speaking, adjustments to business skills, there is no other training that offers even a fraction of what Yoga Teachers College trainees receive during their studies.

#4 Great Value: The cost of professional yoga training has nearly doubled in the last decade, but the average quality of the education has markedly dropped. The Yoga Teachers College continually raises the bar, rather than the price.

#5 Amazing Community: The YOGABODY community is inclusive, non-dogmatic, friendly, and positive. We embrace diversity. Our teachers come in all shapes and sizes; what unites us is our shared love for learning and a true passion for mind-body wellness.

The Benefits Of Teaching Yoga

Yoga is booming, and for teachers, there has never been a more exciting time both in terms of impact and income potential. According to a recent CNN Money report, working as a yoga teacher is the 10th most desirable job, out of all jobs with potential salaries of more than $100K/year. [1]

The top reasons to teach yoga:

Transform Lives – As a teacher, your ultimate goal is to facilitate transformation. Every time you get up in front of a class, you'll have the opportunity to truly change people's lives. That's an incredible power, and to have a job where that is your main responsibility is an amazing gift.

Deepen Your Practice – As the saying goes, "If you want to learn something, teach it!" Teachers are students for life, getting paid to share their experiences as they learn and grow on their own journey.

Enjoy a Flexible Work Schedule – Teaching is hard work, but the ability to craft your own schedule and take large blocks of time off to travel or study is a luxury very few people have. For many, teaching yoga is equivalent to freedom.

Earn a Good Salary – For the first time in history, you can live a financially stable, even abundant, life as a yoga teacher. Average salaries for experienced teachers are $67k/year and many senior teachers earn more than $100k/year.

Work Anywhere / Live Anywhere – Most people dream of traveling the world but can't figure out how to make it happen. More than any other career, yoga teachers now have incredible travel and work opportunities.

Do What You Love – Most polls show that 80 percent or more of the population doesn't like their job. If you're in that situation now, it's hard to imagine waking up and loving what you do every day, but with yoga, it's possible.

Why Choose Us?

With more than 5,000 yoga teacher training schools across the globe, the logical question is: "Why choose the Yoga Teachers College?" Before making any decision, you should consider the quality and depth of the training itself, the level of support offered, the potential career opportunities after the course, the value versus your financial investment, and the organization you're partnering with.

International Certification
Trainees Teach Public Classes
Trainees Assist Public Classes
Physical Adjustments Taught
100% Practical, Focused Training
Highly-Acclaimed eLearning Center
Diverse & Body Positive Group
Diverse Sequences & Styles
Hindu, Buddhist or Other Religious Affiliation
Dogma, Rules & Rigid System
Incense, Chakras, Chanting, Gurus

Working Professionals
Mentorship & Coaching
Pre & Post-Course Coaching Available
Senior-Level Instructors
Personalized Help, Customized Experience

Post-Graduatation Support
Business & Marketing Support
Free Post-Graduate Education
Competitive & Exclusive

BUSINESS & Teaching Opportunities    
Real Business Opportunities
Business Positive Community
Retail Product Line for Teachers
Guranteed Job Placement Assistance
Strong & Respected Brand
Studio Ownership Opportunities
Business Operations Training
Done-for-You Marketing Options

Affordable Payment Plans
Flexible, Part-Time Study Options
Your Own Pace (4-12 month study program)
Home Study Options

Here are some factors that make the Yoga Teachers College unique:

Academic Excellence – The Yoga Teachers College offers an international degree program that provides more than double the education offered in a typical certification course, at a level that surpasses every industry standard. On top of that, we require all graduates to achieve an 85 percent (or higher) average score on all tests and assessments, while most schools simply require you to show up in order to graduate. Our commitment to excellence means that a degree from the Yoga Teachers College holds real market value and demonstrates masters-level knowledge earned through study and practice.

Personal Support – We've revived the age-old tradition of apprenticeship. During your studies, you'll have support and guidance every step of the way. On a daily basis, you'll have the opportunity to ask your mentor questions, get feedback, learn, and grow.

If you're struggling with an anatomy module, your mentor will help you get through it. If the public speaking sections are presenting a problem and causing you anxiety, again, your mentor will be there to talk you through it. Mentorship happens via phone and email, as well as in person during your immersions in Barcelona. Post-course, the support continues with job hunting and networking opportunities, monthly refresher courses, and optional annual meet-ups to keep you on top of your game.

eLearning Platform – Technology is changing education worldwide, making it more efficient, fun, and cost-effective. The Yoga Teachers College leverages eLearning for many of the theory-based aspects of yoga teacher training. Whether it's memorizing pose names or learning the anatomy of the knee, our eLearning platform makes deep learning possible in many aspects of yoga education that are often skimmed over at other schools.

Great Value Investment – The cost of education has reached an all-time high around the world. This is often due to bloated operational costs, pointless real estate, and business infrastructures that have nothing to do with your learning. At YOGABODY, part of our mission to democratize yoga means offering professional education at a price that almost everyone can afford. To make this feasible, we run a lean operation optimized for learning. We leverage our existing facilities in Barcelona, we've pioneered eLearning in the yoga market, and our intensive immersions deliver maximum education at the best possible price.

Flexible Scheduling Options – How are you going to fit study and practice into your already busy lifestyle? What if you have work or family obligations that make it impossible to take four to eight weeks off to attend a long-term, residential course?

To solve the problem of 'not enough time,' we developed a unique program schedule that couples distance learning with in-person immersions. The result is a training program that is not only more convenient, but also gives you more education and more experience at a fraction of the cost.

Guaranteed Job Placement – The final module of your program involves a local apprenticeship and job placement. We'll help you put together an exceptional teachers packet, including a resume (CV), cover letter, recommendation letter, and photos that will help you begin your career. How can we guarantee you'll get your dream job? We can't, but we can guarantee you'll find your first paid teaching gig during our program (and yes, it might just be your dream job too).

Exciting Business Opportunities – In addition to job placement, graduates can also qualify to be an authorized YOGABODY regional teacher, a product distributor, or a licensed YOGABODY studio owner. Graduates have the option for total autonomy, of course, but also the option for a true partnership with YOGABODY, where we collaborate to make our shared dreams become a reality.

Join a Global Movement – Founded in 2007, YOGABODY is committed to democratizing yoga. The YOGABODY group currently includes a publishing arm, an e-commerce business, a media production group, and physical yoga studios.

Graduates have access to our retail manufacturing, studio contacts, graduates database, world-renowned experts, and on-going support. The college and brand serve as a support system that you can leverage throughout your teaching career.

How It Works?

The Yoga Teachers College is designed to fit your busy schedule while adding a depth of education previously unavailable to aspiring yoga professionals. It's a 24-week program with two in-person immersions in Barcelona. Between your immersions, you'll complete extensive eLearning with personal mentorship every step of the way. As part of your training journey, you'll log 100 classes (of yoga practice) at local studios in your area, and lastly, you'll complete an apprenticeship and placement module to kickstart your new career.

Next eLearning (home study) Start Date:
Next In-Person Immersion (Barcelona) Start Date:

Scheduling: The schedule is intentionally flexible to fit into your life.

You have up to one year to complete your course, so if for scheduling reasons, you need more time between your in-person immersions, that's not a problem.

Admissions: We are highly selective and admissions are by application and interview only. We offer rolling admissions, with new students accepted each month. If accepted, you can begin your eLearning studies immediately, working directly with your mentor, and you can schedule your first immersion as soon as spots are made available.

Modules at a Glance

The Yoga Teachers College consists of four modules. Modules I and III are in person in Barcelona, and there are four annual, one-week options to fit just about any schedule. Modules II and IV are remote learning modules and can be completed anywhere in the world with virtual mentorship and online support every step of the way.

Course Duration: 24 weeks

Start Date: Courses start on the first of each month, by application only

Module I
Immersion in Barcelona
(1 week, 60 hrs)

Module II
eLearning & Practice Hours
(150 hrs)

Module III
Immersion in Barcelona
(1 week, 60 hrs)

Module IV
(1 week, 60 hrs)

MODULE I. Immersion #1

1 Week / 60 hrs | Location: Barcelona, Spain

Welcome to beautiful Barcelona! During your first immersion module, you'll join the training team and a group of your peers for an intensive week focused on teaching mock classes, practicing adjustments, developing your public speaking skills, and working toward leading your first public class at YOGABODY Studios. This immersion is 80 percent practical, hands-on learning, and the remaining 20 percent of the experience includes posture clinics, conferences with your trainers, and assistant teaching.

Daily Immersion Schedule*

07:30-09:30 Group Class
09:30-11:00 Breakfast Break
11:00-14:00 Workshop I: Teaching
14:00-15:00 Lunch Break
15:00-17:30 Workshop II: Methodology
17:30-19:00 Dinner Break
19:00-20:00 Workshop III: Assists
21:00-22:00 Public Class Assisting / Adjusting

*Subject to change, for example only.

Your day starts with a morning yoga class, initially led by your trainers and later taught by you or one of your peers. Some days classes are longer and workshop-style; other days, you'll practice two, back-to-back classes to ensure maximum practice and teaching time.

There are three workshops daily to give you pose-specific knowledge, hands-on experience in physical adjustments, and to break down each pose, one at a time. From day one, you'll begin co-teaching with your peers, and before the end of your week, you'll lead an entire class on your own. Evenings are all about adjustments, and you'll assist our full-time teachers in our regularly scheduled, public classes (with real students!).

By the end of Immersion I, you'll be able to teach the core YOGABODY Standing and Finishing Sequences. You'll be confident and skilled at giving dozens of hands-on adjustments and assists, and you'll be ready to start teaching practice group and short-form classes when you return home.

MODULE II. eLearning & Practice Hours

24 Weeks / 150 hrs | Location: Your Home City/Town

The academic and practice modules of your training are done remotely, from wherever you live in the world. Your assignment is to complete at least one lesson per week via YOGABODY's eLearning platform. Along with your weekly classes, you're encouraged to take advantage of trainer office hours to ask questions, connect with other trainees in the private Facebook group, and get support as you deep dive into all things yoga.

Your personal yoga practice is just as important as your academic work. Throughout your studies, you'll be logging yoga classes at local studios in your practice journal, working toward your 100 class graduation requirement.

Academic Requirements

  • Anatomy & Physiology (6 modules)
  • Business of Yoga (4 modules)
  • Teaching Methods (3 modules)
  • Sequencing (2 modules)
  • Nutrition (2 modules)
  • Breathing (1 modules)
  • Nervous System (1 module)
  • Public Speaking (1 module)
  • Modern Yoga History (1 module)
  • Ethics of Teaching (1 module)
  • Avoiding Injuries (1 module)
  • Insurance & Liability (1 module)
  • Practice & Mentorship requirements
  • Take 100 classes and record them in your practice journal
  • Meet at least 1x/week with your training mentor via telephone, email, or Facebook

MODULE III. Immersion #2

1 Week / 60 hrs | Location: Barcelona, Spain

Welcome back to Barcelona! During your second immersion, the focus is on teaching and designing your own Sequence of the Day, refining your skills, and establishing your business objectives. On a daily basis, you'll teach at least one public class (on your own), work on your employment and business objectives, and prepare for your next steps as a yoga professional with the full support of the YOGABODY team.

Daily Immersion Schedule*

07:30-09:30 Teach / Take / Assist / Adjust Classes
09:30-11:00 Breakfast Break
11:00-14:00 Teach / Take / Assist / Adjust Classes
14:00-15:00 Lunch Break
15:00-17:30 Workshop I: CV/Resume, Photos & Videos
17:30-19:00 Dinner Break
19:00-20:00 Workshop II: Business Planning
21:00-22:00 Public Class Assisting / Adjusting

*Subject to change, for example only.

By the end of Immersion III, you'll be designing and teaching your own classes based on the YOGABODY structure. You'll complete a professional photo and video shoot with us, and we'll launch your social media properties so you're ready to go to market with your new yoga services.

MODULE IV. Apprenticeship in Barcelona

1 Week / 60 hrs | Location: Barcelona

The final stage of your training is customized based on you and your personal goals. Some trainees' goals are to teach in local studios and gyms, some want to travel and lead workshops, others are interested in opening their own studios. Whatever your goals are, we are here to support you, and this module is focused on getting you up and running with your new career as quickly as possible.

Daily Internship & Placement Schedule*

09:30-11:30 eLearning Catch-Up, Group Study & Exams
12:00-13:00 Teach a Public Class
14:00-15:00 Break
15:00-17:00 Promotional Video, Photos, Marketing & Planning
17:00-17:30 Break
17:30-22:30 Public Class Assisting / Adjusting

*Subject to change, for example only.

Tuition Investment

The Yoga Teachers College is unlike any other course or training. You'll benefit from our unique distance learning combined with in-person immersions, and our focus on academic excellence and real-world assessments. In addition, our unmatched business support, both during and after the course, makes this an incredible opportunity. This program not only gives you the practical skills needed to become a great yoga teacher, but also to be financially successful in your new-found career path.

Investing in your own education is a smart financial decision, and one you want to make carefully since most of us have limited opportunities for formal study in life. In an effort to democratize yoga, we strive to deliver the greatest long-term value for your investment.

International Degree Course – Tuition Prices (subject to change)

Included with Tuition Fee

  • 21-day, in-person immersions in Barcelona (completed in two separate trips, dates offered quarterly)
  • 24-module eLearning program (distance learning with coaching, completed at home)
  • One-on-one mentorship and assistance throughout
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Most course materials (see other expenses below)
  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Practice journal
  • Block, yoga mat, strap, and Hurts So Good! Massage Balls ($69 value)

Other Expenses (not included)

  • Travel, food, and accommodation in Barcelona (2 trips)
  • Yoga classes/membership at your local studio(s) for your 100-class requirement
  • Required reading (see full list here)

Additional Graduate Services click here for current price details

  • Authorized Teacher License
  • Authorized Studio License

Meet Your Teachers

Small by design, our training team consists of active, working professionals and an ever-growing collection of advisers. Aside from our core team, you'll also have access to YOGABODY's highly sought-after marketing, advertising, and social media experts who will help you achieve your professional yoga goals.

LUCAS ROCKWOOD | Master Trainer, Training Director

With a formal yoga training background in Ashtanga Yoga, Gravity Yoga, Hot Yoga, and the Yoga Trapeze®, Lucas has studied with some of the most well-respected teachers on the planet. His most influential teachers (all of whom he studied with personally) include Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Paul Dallaghan, Alex Medin, Gabriel Cousens MD, and SN Goenka. Through his internationally syndicated weekly podcast, Lucas also consults directly with today's leading minds in health and wellness.

As a guest teacher, Lucas led the largest (ever) online training for Yoga Alliance North America and has carved out a place for himself as a leader in eLearning for yoga teachers. More than 2,000 students have graduated from his teacher training programs, he has thousands of active members at his studio group in Barcelona, and he manages a team of 19 teachers internationally. He is best known for his clarity in teaching, science-based approach to practice, and entrepreneurial skills applied to yoga business.

As a writer, his work has been featured in numerous publications, including Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Satya and dozens of newspapers. He has been featured on television programs in New York, California, Bangkok, and Barcelona.

Lucas says: "It drives me crazy to see the yoga world owned and operated by venture capitalists and big money investors. Where are the yoga teachers, the misfits, the community leaders, like you and me, that built this market? Where are the people that love yoga and dedicate their lives to it? It's time for us to claim our place as teachers and business leaders. The two are not mutually exclusive, and I'm committed to changing this industry from the bottom up."

QUALIFICATIONS: Master Yoga Teacher Platinum (Yoga Alliance Australia), RYT 500, E-RYT 200 & YACEP (Yoga Alliance USA). See more

Connect with Lucas: Facebook | Instagram | Email