Yoga Teacher Training in Spain:
Why Choose Barcelona

You deserve a school that is affordable, exciting, and professional.

Spain is famous for relaxing, beach yoga retreats, but there’s also a growing movement for career-minded, professional trainings—and Barcelona is the hub. With 1.6 million people, Barcelona is a buzzing cultural destination, and with its immediate access to both the beach and mountains, it offers students a truly unique experience.

Choosing the Best Course for You

What kind of course are you looking for? Some people want to escape their busy lives and dive deep into personal practice on a relaxing retreat. If that’s your goal, you’ll find hundreds of indulgent courses to choose from all over the world.

But what if you want to leave your current life permanently, and start a new career? What if you want to make yoga not just your lifestyle but also your livelihood? Rather than check out of life for a retreat, what if your goal is to check in to a new life?

4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Do I want to teach professionally after the course, or is this just for fun?

2. Is this course run by real, teaching professionals or are the trainers only training teachers (but not really working as teachers themselves)

3. Do the graduates from this course actually teach later? And do they make a living?

4. Is the school certified or accredited?

5. Is it internationally recognized?

YOGABODY® is the leading yoga studio in Barcelona with three locations, and their training school, the Yoga Teachers College®, offers unmatched certifications in mat-based yoga and the Yoga Trapeze®.

“About 30% of our trainees come to us after completing some other course, often in India or Bali where they had a great time, but didn’t learn to teach. Our courses are not holidays, they are true professional training experiences and our graduates are doing so well as local leaders, influencers, authors, and more.”

– Lucas Rockwood
(Founder, Yoga Teachers College)

Why Yoga Trainees Love Barcelona

Food & Culture: Flamenco, paella, futbol, museums, tapas, markets, and castles to visit, or simply grabbing fresh seasonal fruits and veggies from the local market.

Sea & Mountains: Head to La Barceloneta and beyond and enjoy the Mediterranean sea, plus the mountains of Montjuic, Montserrat, and more.

Yoga Studios Everywhere: More studios than Starbucks’—they’re around every corner, in the park, and beachside. And now, yoga teacher trainings!

Safe & Easy: A walkable city but also with an abundance of buses and metros for moving around. Cheap taxis and train tickets let you explore near and far.

Affordable & Pleasant: Eat fresh seafood that doesn’t break your budget, walk around and then enjoy a coffee on a terrace in this sunny city.

Barcelona is a safe and fun city. It’s also affordable and easy to navigate. As a yoga trainee, you get the best of an urban environment but with easy access to beautiful beaches and mountains. Choosing a yoga teacher training in Spain is a big decision, and often one that you only get to make once. So choose wisely! Get clear on your objectives and goals, and make sure you’re on the right path.

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The Yoga Teachers College headquarters are in Barcelona with three yoga studios that double as international training centers. The school boasts one of the most highly regarded accreditation programs in the world with courses on offer throughout the year both online, in Barcelona, and in various other locations worldwide.

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