Yoga Teacher Trainings in Spain:
5 Reasons to Go to Barcelona

Have you considered furthering your yoga career by the Mediterranean sea?

Did you know that Spain was among the first European countries to embrace yoga? It may still be among the “newer” things amidst this old country, but many practices of yoga have fully sprouted as both a form of exercise and a spiritual practice. However, you won’t find it commonplace around every corner of Spain.

To spot it in full bloom, head to the country’s most popular tourist destination: Barcelona. Not only is the city the hotspot for sunbathers and vacationers, but it’s also heaven for business-focused entrepreneurs creating their own paths. That’s why we love it as the best destination for a yoga teacher training.

Here are seven undeniable reasons to choose Barcelona.

1. It’s the Yoga Hub of Sunny Europe

Since Spain boasts great weather (yoga in the park anyone?), calm coastal towns, and a general sense of wellness, it’s no surprise why yoga people love Spain and why Spain loves yoga.

In fact, there are more studios, more students, and more yoga people per capita than any other Southern Europe destination. If you want to connect with like-minded people during your yoga teacher training in Spain, you’ll want to be surrounded by welcoming people just like yourself.

2. It’s a Charming Setting

Let’s be honest, Barcelona is beautiful—on top of the flamenco, paella, a world-renowned soccer team, tapas, sailing, festivals, and Gaudí architecture buildings. Take that all away and you’re still left with a city by the sea, picturesque green spaces, and rooftop views of the city.

We know you’ll be working hard and spending time inside yoga studios, but what if something as simple as your stroll back to your accommodation added to your inspiration? What if the summer sun staying up until 10 pm gave you an extra boost of energy for another class? That’s Barcelona for you.

“There are dozens of studios to choose from and it seems that every weekend there are retreats or events to try around the city or in other parts of Spain. The Barcelona yoga scene is also very collaborative. I have attended events combined with sound baths, healers, palm readers, kombucha companies, etc. It’s really great and continues to grow and become more diverse in regards to yoga styles/events.”

– Julia Daly (Yoga Teachers College graduate)

3. It Won’t Break the Bank

Spain, as a whole, is a very affordable country… comparable to other popular teacher training destinations with terrible flight prices. And because this city remains the underdog for yoga course destinations, prices remain significantly below the average of courses in most other cities.

Not to mention flight prices—direct flights available from North America at competitive prices and flights that are only a fraction of the cost for European friends looking for close-to-home options. Invest the money into the course; into your learning and future business. Don’t toss that money into $500+ flights and overpriced tourist traps.

4. It Embodies an International Vibe

English is a widely-spoken language in Spain, but Barcelona is also a multi-lingual city. Day-to-day, you’ll hear an array of languages spoken, meaning you can get by in your native tongue and most definitely in English (as the courses are held in English, of course!). Invest your energy in empowering your yoga practice, not in navigating day-to-day necessities just to get by.

The international vibe also welcomes nationalities and cultures from all over. That means people from all over the world to meet and connections to be made.

5. It’s Safe!

Taking a trip to learn a trade and strengthen your skill shouldn’t feel like a chore. It shouldn’t feel intimidating or worrisome. It should be exciting and doable. Keep in mind that Spain has a low crime rate, and Barcelona delivers as a safe, exciting destination for women travelers to feel at ease while away from home. And at the end of the day, want to take a taxi instead of walk alone at night? Quick and cheap! Want to get on the metro at 11 pm after a long day? Not crowded and it’s easy to hop on and off.

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