What to Bring


During the course, we’ll be moving between YOGABODY studio locations, walking in the nearby green spaces, practicing yoga both indoors and outdoors, and spending time by the sea. The weather in Barcelona is almost always sunny and pleasant.

Clothing/gear to consider:

  • Check average temperatures in Barcelona.
  • Yoga clothes, at least three outfits (more if you can)
  • Comfortable walking/hiking shoes (we’ll move around throughout the day and probably take a hike)
  • Layered clothing
  • Backpack/shoulder bag
  • Notebook/journal

Accommodation considerations:

  • Barcelona has thousands of options, but things book up in advance, so try to book early if you can.

Health insurance:

  • We recommend purchasing travel health insurance, just in case, since it’s so inexpensive and easy to get. Travel health insurance can often be obtained from your local bank, health insurance provider, or credit card company. While you’ll probably never need it, it’s a very inexpensive way to have peace of mind.
  • For European students, please check your eligibility to obtain the European Health Insurance Card.
  • In the case of illness or injury during your travels, there are many hospitals on Barcelona. They provide great care and the staff speak English. In case of an emergency, we would immediately get in touch with your emergency contact to make sure your loved ones are updated, and we’ll of course be at your side for any and all needs that might arise.

Money considerations:

  • Spain is part of the European Union and euros are used as currency.
  • For exchange rates, visit: www.xe.com.
  • Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.
  • For cash, use your local bank card/ATM card for best rates in local cash machines (rather than exchanging cash at the airport).

Visa considerations:

  • Spain grants a 90-day visa to most nationalities upon arrival at no cost.
  • If you’re unsure if you nationality is granted a visa, please search on Google or contact us.

NOTE: When arriving in Spain/Europe, it’s much simpler to say you are coming on holiday. If you want to get a student visa, we can help, but it’s a big hassle with lots of paperwork and no benefits.

First/Last Day Travel Planning:

  • All course dates include a first and last ‘travel day,’ meaning the publish start and end dates of every course are for arrival and departure.
  • On the last day, there are not scheduled activities, just travel home.