Patricia Wilch
Owner and Yoga Instructor at SoulsCore Yoga

City: Rochester
State/Province: Wisconsin
ZIP Code: 53167
Country: United States
Tel.: +1 262-758-9858

Gravity Yoga® Teacher Diploma – 25h, Yoga Trapeze Teacher Diploma – 25h


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Owner of SoulsCore Yoga
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Yoga is a passion for me. I love to teach, mentor and guide people as they grow through their practice. I have been actively teaching Gravity Yoga and Trapeze Yoga to students since I graduated. For the Gravity Yoga, I focus on middle aged and older (over the age of 55) and young athletes (14-21). For Trapeze Yoga, I service all ages starting at age 10. Yoga is such an important practice to teach people to open their hearts, mind and body. I am excited about achieving the 200 hour Vinyasa and Breath Coach certifications. I am a scientist by training and have a BS in Medical MIcrobiology. I have spent more than 25 years as a working professional in the medical device industry coaching and mentoring hundreds of individuals. I chose Yoga as a path to my next adventure in life. I believe yoga and teaching will use the experience I have in my previous professional life to guide me into this amazing yoga journey.



english is my first language, spanish but not fluent

teaching, mentoring, gardening, readinging, learning, running, strength training, photography