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Yoga Trapeze® Instructor

24 January – 4 February 2022

30hr Yoga Alliance Certification

If you love the Yoga Trapeze, and you would like to become a certified teacher or simply deepen your personal practice, I’d like to introduce you to the Yoga Trapeze Online Teacher Training course.

Since 2006, I’ve led yoga training courses all over the world and I’ve learned that for every one student who trains in person with us, there are at least 10 more students who would love to join but can’t make it due to travel restrictions or work and family responsibilities.

Luckily, we now offer an at-home course. Here’s why students love this training program:

  • Deliver Results – We love all styles of yoga, but YOGABODY students tend to be results-oriented. For students with back pain, poor flexibility, weak core muscles, and little to no grip strength (all very common issues), the Yoga Trapeze offers a way for them to experience remarkable transformation.

  • Share the Benefits of Inversion Yoga – Inversions have never been more popular, but most students can’t perform even a simple headstand, so they skip these poses and miss both the health benefits as well as the fun of going upside down.

  • Attract Students Easily – Traditional yoga has become so mainstream that it can be difficult to attract the attention of new students. Mat-based classes are amazing and will always be the core of yoga, but people like a little variety.

    The Yoga Trapeze provides a fun and fresh way to introduce people to yoga. It takes the ancient practice of yoga and turns it on its head. As a teacher, it’ll help you attract new students; and for your students, they’ll have yet another great reason to give yoga a try.

  • Set Your Own Schedule – The ability to set your own schedule is one of the biggest draws of teaching yoga. As a certified Yoga Trapeze instructor, you can decide to work full-time or part-time, take random days off, and take vacations as you please. Finally, you’ll be in charge of your own time.

  • Travel and Teach Anywhere – As a certified yoga instructor, you can teach in any city or even any country that you want. More and more opportunities arise every day for the adventurous types.

  • Earn a Great Salary – Even as a new teacher, you can make a great hourly wage. When you’re highly specialized in your teaching, you’ll typically make as much as senior-level teachers of more common styles. Not to mention, your private session rates will be comparable to that of a massage therapist or chiropractor.

It’s a great time to become a yoga teacher. YOGABODY is the leading manufacturer of yoga inversion slings in the world, with more than 200,000 students in 81 countries. We understand better than anyone that the demand for instructors far outpaces the supply. (There are still fewer than 1,000 Yoga Trapeze teachers today!) This is why our graduates are doing so well—and why it’s great timing for you.

Online Training: How it Works

This is not a “Netflix course,” where you just sit back, watch a video, and eat popcorn. (We have DVD/video programs for that!) This is a real-time, date-specific course, in which you’ll join live classes, engage with other students, and connect personally with myself and the other trainers. Here’s how it works:

  • Practice + Study (2 hours daily). Set aside approximately two hours per day for study and practice. This can happen all in one session, or you can break it up into two or even four parts. It’s up to you. It’s alright if you miss a day, simply double up on another day to catch up.

  • eLearning Platform. You’ll be issued a login and password for our official eLearning Platform where you’ll find pose-by-pose tutorials, setup and safety videos, checklists, flashcards, and more. This new and updated platform has five times the number of resources offered in any other course, and you get lifetime access!

  • Class Discussions. Our private Telegram group is where most of the discussions happen. We’ll share photos and videos of our practices, answer questions, and explore opportunities together. I, Lucas, am active in the group every single day. During live lecture days, I’ll broadcast Zoom Live videos.

  • Live Training Sessions. YOGABODY’s expert trainers and I will conduct training sessions via Zoom. We’ll field questions, demonstrate, and practice together. This is the next best thing to you and I being together in the studio.

  • Bonus Materials. New student forms, copy/paste promotional forms, business card templates, and more are all included in the program. We make it fast and easy to get started—a big part of the reason our graduates are doing so well.

The Opportunity

At YOGABODY, we have pioneered both group and private Yoga Trapeze classes in our studios, and the response has been overwhelming. More and more studios, fitness centers, and individuals worldwide are now looking for professionally-trained teachers to model our success and lead this fun and dynamic style of practice.

For certified Yoga Trapeze teachers, there are three main teaching opportunities right now. First, working with private clients which can be a great way to create highly individualized, solution-oriented sessions. Private clients offer you a flexible schedule, great pay, and the opportunity to impact your students’ lives in a big way.

Next, group classes are popping up in yoga studios all over the world, but most studios don’t have qualified teachers. Enter: you and your unique service. Group classes are fun, challenging, and instant community builders.

Last but not least, gyms and fitness centers are quickly adding Yoga Trapeze inversion trainers to their facilities, as their clients are hungry for new ways to stretch and strengthen their bodies.

Key teaching opportunities:

  • Private Sessions: Yoga Trapeze teachers can teach from their home or office and work one-on-one with clients while earning a great hourly wage.

  • Yoga Studios: More and more studios are adding inversion slings to their existing facilities, and they need teachers like you.

  • Gyms: Many gyms already have the rigging for suspension trainers (TRX), so it’s easy to add Yoga Trapezes to their facilities for private or semi-private sessions.

  • CrossFitters: These fitness fanatics love the Yoga Trapeze because it combines gymnastics-like movements they already know with classic yoga postures. Many CrossFitters have ceiling rigs ready-made for the Yoga Trapeze.

  • Rock Climbing Gyms: Climbers appreciate yoga, and with so many pull-up bars, ceiling rigs, and other setups at these types of gyms, you can quickly get a Yoga Trapeze class going.

  • Schools: Kids naturally gravitate toward inversion training. Once they start playing, you’ll have a hard time getting them off the Yoga Trapeze. Private schools and even some public schools now offer yoga as an extracurricular activity, and the Yoga Trapeze can be a great addition to those classes.

Why People Love the Yoga Trapeze®

  • Instant Spinal Traction:

    Back pain is an epidemic, but clients can use gravity to their advantage while using the Yoga Trapeze and elongate their spine with little to no prior yoga experience. For many, this type of pain relief is unmatched by any other form of treatment.

  • Suspension Training:

    Functional fitness requires the pushing, pulling, and holding of weight. In traditional mat-based yoga classes, you push and hold your body weight constantly, but it’s very difficult to find pulling motions in these classes. Pulling is a crucial movement for back, neck, and upper body health. The Yoga Trapeze introduces functional pulling movements in a fun and dynamic way.

  • Flexibility: Aside from inversions, there are dozens of hip openers, shoulder openers, and hamstring stretches that work amazingly well for flexibility. Using the leverage of the sling, suspension, and gravity, you can practice flexibility training in a whole new way.

  • Deep Backbends: Backbends are some of the most challenging poses in yoga, and students often get so frustrated that they skip them altogether. On the Yoga Trapeze, you can do passive backbends (just hang and breathe) to open the stiff and stuck areas of your shoulders and thoracic spine.

The Curriculum

The Yoga Trapeze Training curriculum is designed to empower you with the anatomy, physiology, leadership, safety, and business skills needed to become a successful teacher. Course director, Lucas Rockwood, has been training professional instructors since 2006, and his approach is 100 percent focused on results. This is not a yoga retreat or an extended workshop. You’re here to learn to teach, and you’ll walk away as a qualified instructor.

Anatomy & Physiology: The movements and exercises on the Yoga Trapeze are atypical and rarely found in any studio or gym, so you’ll explore the physiology and anatomy of what’s going on internally. This knowledge will give you a deeper understanding of your own body, and more importantly, the bodies of your clients. We’ll put particular emphasis on the spine as that is a key area of focus.

Back Care & Back Injury: Many people are drawn to the Yoga Trapeze for back pain relief, so as a teacher, you need to be well-versed in common ailments, treatments, terminology, and safety protocols. We are not doctors, but our yoga can serve as a form of rehab therapy when taught correctly together with the support of health care professionals. Our students are not always as prudent as they should be; you need to understand the landscape of back pain and medical problems so you can navigate it safely and effectively as a teacher.

Sequencing & Class Planning: You’ll learn dozens of individual poses during the course, but more importantly, you’ll learn how to structure and sequence both beginner and intermediate flow classes. You’ll also learn how you can teach pose-by-pose workshop-style sessions, which are great for guest teaching gigs while traveling.

Leadership & Class Management: Leading a Yoga Trapeze class is much more challenging than teaching a mat-based class because students are upside down and twisted around. They often cannot see you, and can sometimes be talking or laughing. As an instructor, you must enforce safety and keep control over your group and private classes. Leadership, word choice, body language, and demonstrations are of the utmost importance.

Safety: The Yoga Trapeze is extremely safe when taught correctly, but anytime you’re hanging upside down, there is potential for danger. As a teacher, your job is first and foremost to keep everyone safe. That means checking the rigs, disallowing wild students, teaching appropriate level postures, and constantly staying vigilant. Safety is a key part of your job, and it’s something you’ll master during the course.

Marketing & Business: It’s great to learn a new skill, but if you don’t know how to market and sell your services, what’s the point? You’ll learn how to use common tools, such as social media, to attract and retain clients, charge for your services, and earn a great living. This is not a mindset module; we’ll teach you exactly what to do to get paying clients right away.

Can I Really Learn to Teach Online?

Our approach to online training is different, and the success of our graduates speaks for itself. While many online schools just send you links to a bunch of videos and expect you to figure things out on your own, we take a completely different approach.

Our training is live, interactive, and there is no way to slip through the cracks. We support and guide you every step of the way, no matter your level or background. Our huge teaching team and administrative support team will help you achieve your goals step-by-step, and you’ll make amazing new friends from around the world. It is so inspiring to see our graduates teaching professionally, earning a great living, and helping students transform their health.

Top Benefits of Online Training:

  • Deeper Learning Experience – With online training, you have more time to learn, practice, and digest the material. The flexible timetable means you can start learning immediately after you register, as soon as today, and you can learn at a pace that naturally fits you.

  • More Practice Teaching – During the live course, we coordinate daily practice teaching sessions so you can workshop your new learning with your fellow trainees. This is a powerful way to build confidence and increase your job-ready skills.

  • Live Interaction with Trainers & Trainees – This is not a ‘Netflix’ course! Lucas and the training team will be live on video and in online discussions every day.

  • No Travel & No Time Off Work – Study and practice when you can: mornings, evenings, whenever! Our trainers and our students are from all over the world, so there will be many students in your timezone and on your schedule.

  • Affordable Investment – Online tuition is much lower than in-person courses, and with no travel expenses, it becomes the most affordable option for high-level training.

  • Busy Schedule? No Problem – You can go at your own pace, join just the live classes, and do the course work whenever suits you best. We know that work and family obligations can be overwhelming, so you can mix and match the schedule to fit your life.

  • Lifetime Access – You’ll have access to your eLearning Center before, during, and after the course so you can always stay up to date on the latest teaching techniques. We are constantly improving and adding resources to help your professional career.

What if I’m Not a Yoga Teacher?

No problem! The vast majority of trainees in this program have no background in yoga or group fitness training. The course will lead you step-by-step through everything you need to know to start working professionally. You can get insurance, teach in gyms and yoga studios, and even setup your own business after this course. Read our student reviews to see what our graduates are up to.

Meet Your Trainers


LUCAS ROCKWOODManaging Director & Founder

LUCAS ROCKWOOD is an internationally-renowned yoga trainer, TEDx Speaker, podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur. His early yoga and meditation teachers include Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (deceased), Paul Dallaghan, Alex Medin, Gabriel Cousens MD, and SN Goenka (deceased). Lucas left the USA in 2003 and traveled and taught extensively before making Barcelona, Spain, his home base. In a previous life, he worked in theater, publishing, and as a plant-based chef and nutritional coach. He’s the father of three international kids and remains as passionate about yoga as when he first began practicing in 2002.



Camilo Carreiro enrolled in his first yoga training course to deepen his practice, but he fell in love with teaching and made a quick career change. Camilo joined the Barcelona YOGABODY teaching and immediately became involved in the management of sequence development, course planning, and new teacher mentorship. He joined the training team in 2015 and has become a mentor and course leader to hundreds of trainees around the world. Camilo teaches and co-teachers The Yoga Teachers College Diploma program, The Trapeze Teacher Training, and Yoga Wheel. When not leading a course, he maintains a popular teaching schedule in the Barcelona studios.

  • E-RYT Registered Trainer / YACEP Provider
  • Yoga Teachers College® Diploma (YTD)
  • Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Cert (200hr)
  • Yoga Trapeze Cert (50hr)
  • Yoga Barre Cert (20hr)

Tuition Investment

The Yoga Trapeze is the most popular yoga inversion sling in the world, with more than 100,000 students in 81 countries—but there are hardly any teachers. YOGABODY is excited to offer this Yoga Trapeze Online Teacher Training Course, where you’ll learn how to teach both group and private sessions for beginner and intermediate students.

30hr Yoga Alliance YACEP & ACE Registered Course
Lifetime Access to eLearning Training & Business Resources
Live, Real-time Video Classes & Mentorship & Support from Trainers

Normal Price: $499 SAVE $200
Special Price: Just $299


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About the Certification

This course is registered with both Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (CE) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). By successfully graduating from this course, you’ll be qualified at the 30-hour academic level for the official Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training. If possible, we recommend you also attend an in-person course or apprenticeship at a local studio to obtain the practical, real-world training experience.

It’s possible to start teaching immediately without any additional training. We currently have instructors in 21 countries (and counting), and the demand for teachers far outreaches the current supply. So it’s a great time to get trained.

Where can you teach?

  • Online / Zoom
  • Privately (home or office)
  • Yoga studios
  • CrossFit Boxes
  • Climbing gyms
  • Fitness centers
  • Health centers
  • Schools

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you certainly can. Our approach to online training is different, and the success of our graduates speaks for itself. While many online schools just send you links to a bunch of videos and expect you to figure things out on your own, we take a completely different approach. Our training is live, interactive, and there is no way to slip through the cracks. We support and guide you every step of the way, no matter your level or background. Our huge teaching team and administrative support team will help you achieve your goals step-by-step, and you’ll make amazing new friends from around the world. It is so inspiring to see our graduates teaching professionally, earning a great living, and helping students transform their health.
No problem. You can double up your work on another day. The suggested pace is two hours per day, but you can arrange your schedule any way you like.
No, that wouldn’t be fair. We require an 85% or higher score on all exams, and participation throughout the course. You have up to three tries on all exams, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you show up and give 100%, you will almost certainly be successful.
No. The Yoga Trapeze is different. We added handles, lowered the rig, and made the sling smaller so it’s a fitness tool that anyone can use. Those dance and circus movements you see online are not what we teach. We teach very safe and simple poses for everyone.
Yes! The Yoga Trapeze is taught professionally in 21 countries, and it’s extremely safe. This is not aerial silks or aerial arts, where you are flying from the ceiling three meters off the ground. We stay waist-height, never swing, and only practice safe and functional poses—not performance poses.
You’ll study online with video-based classes. This is particularly effective for learning pose names, anatomical names, and basic sequences. We also have two live webinars, during which you can ask questions, get answers, and prepare for the course.
As long as you have access to a phone or computer, you’ll have no problems. It’s a very low-tech course designed for everyone.
That’s fine! As long as you’re serious about learning, we’re happy to invite you to the course.
Questions are great. Just ask! This is an at-home course, but it includes real-time interactions, so you can ask questions, get help, and talk with Lucas and the training team throughout the course.
Yes! The minimum is 10 rigs, and once you sign up for the course, you qualify for a wholesale account.

Student Reviews

NBA Player, Myles Turner
(taught by certified teacher Bridget Gibbs)

Success Stories: Yoga Trapeze Training

“If you would have asked me if I would ever become a Trapeze Yoga Teacher just 6 months ago I would have said: Absolutely NOT! Yet, something ignited within me and had me sign up to participate in the online Teacher Training Program with YOGABODY. It was super accessible and easy to follow through. Lucas, Rosita, and Camilo were great and their advice helped me so much in learning the poses for myself and to instruct other students. I discovered my body loves hanging upside down and I can’t wait to show others how to do it too. The program is full of useful information you can use to turn up your practice and help others discover new possibilities to heal and improve their bodies while having fun. I’m so grateful for this new adventure!”

– Veronica Parker

“I’ve attended a lot of these classes from the local yoga studios but the teachers didn’t teach effectively as how YOGABODY taught us how to teach other students. By the end of the course, you will really learn how to teach this class.”

– Jardine Ong

“I was really impressed with how well thought out the curriculum was. It was comprehensive and I walked away with a new vocabulary and way of instructing students.”

– Lanta Bice Totten

“I have had fitness courses from professionals each year since 2003 for continuing education credits to maintain my personal training certification … and Yoga Trapeze is one of the most profound methods I’ve found. It may be trending but it’s much more than a fitness fad. The method offers incredible tools for mobilizing, strengthening and releasing the body. Yoga Trapeze has reawakened my passion for mind-body practice and for teaching!”

– Gabrielle Martin

“Wonderful course! After completing it, I feel fully prepared to be able to help others by teaching it safely.”

– Shannon

“I was in a major car accident in July which left me with herniated and torn disc. This put me out of work for months which led to me actually getting replaced. I kept seeing the yoga trapeze ads pop up on my Instagram. I had seen the ads for over a year and always thought I wanted to try it out. After the car accident, I knew in my spirit it was time! My training went smooth. It gives me a new career field to tap into. It also helped me overcome my fear of talking on camera and teaching. I am forever grateful for the YOGABODY team!”

– Charity Wise

“I broke my sacrum in 2016 and two vertebrae in my neck in 2018. The Yoga Trapeze changed my life and I love that I can balance, stretch, exercise, invert! I have never felt better! I learned so much in this course and I can’t wait to learn more and help others with their back pain as well. This course was a great way to start doing so.”

– Jessica

“Back and shoulder pain is how this got me started with the Yoga Trapeze. I love the science-based relation with the usage of the Yoga Trapeze. This was the answer to give traction and relieve my aches. Forever grateful for this experience and can’t wait to teach this practice.”

– Lorrie Dee Escobar

“I have taken many online courses but I feel the Yoga Trapeze has been one of the most thorough. The information on the spine was invaluable. We are in a business where people can get physically hurt and that is something I am mindful of every day. I have been given the knowledge to safely instruct and protect the client.”

– Terry Shaw

“I really appreciated that the course could be done any time of the day and also that there was a due date. I felt that kept me on track. I also love that the content will be around for the future so that I can access it again. Overall a very cool way to add more tools and skills to my practice!”

– Kirsten Hougland

“I’m a new yoga teacher from Virginia, USA. I’ve been teaching kids yoga, Vinyasa style yoga and always wanted to teach the Yoga Trapeze. I’m happy that I found your training and got certified. And I’m going to start teaching Trapeze in a yoga studio this Sunday! I’m very excited and thank you guys for your training!”

– Elena

“Taking this TTT really pushed me to move forward and start thinking about making an effort to make teaching Trapeze happen! I really love the step by step guidance throughout the course. It makes it much easier to start teaching.”

– Chia Wee Teo

“Totally loved training with Lucas, Rosita and Camilo. Fantastic course, I would highly recommend it.”

– Tania Murphy

“I thought the program was well organized and presented well. It’s very user-friendly with very good information presented in a straight forward and concise way.”

– Mia Neuenhoff

“I work a lot of hours and thought I might not have time to finish the program. But since it’s at your own pace, I finished it easily. The videos are fantastic. The feedback from the instructors and other students if phenomenal. I learned a lot of great technical information.”

– Brenda Cottrell

“This program allowed me to get to know myself better. Both from an anatomical point of view and in terms of a more conscious approach to things.”

– Anastasia

“Extremely informative course – ever-adapting and adding additional information and details. Trainers are well versed and eager to assist with information, feedback and much more.”

– Kristen Pujari

“I was quite skeptical about taking the course online, but I am so glad I did. This course is well planned to make sure you receive the skills you need to teach.”

– Melissa Hughey

“The daily learning and videos are challenging but it really drives home the point of daily practice. The teachers are motivating and inspiring and their passion for the trapeze makes them all compassionate teachers. This class is unmatched.”

– Kiki M.

“This course is amazing! The way this is taught is in an easy to understand way and I now feel more confident and knowledgeable to put together a routine to target specific areas for myself and others. I highly recommend this course!”

– Jo Eva

“This was informative, well structured, organized and clear. It was easy to follow and I had so much fun while getting to know the trapeze and my own body too. A great investment!”

– Beth Bradley

“Thank you so much for this comprehensive training. It was exceptionally well put together, and I love that we continue to have access to the tutorials. Connecting through the Facebook group was incredibly effective, so our progress could be reviewed and developed with continual feedback from the tutors, and we could encourage and support each other as fellow students. This is a course that you get out what you put in. If you embrace it fully, study, practice practice practice, share your videos and pictures in the group, take advice and feedback on board, then you are likely to truly succeed.”

– Helen Machen-Pearce

“Lucas has designed the program in an organized fashion that allows even the least tech-savvy student to participate with ease! The format of the classes and lessons is outstanding. As a novice yoga practitioner, I was able to learn the basics of a Yoga Trapeze workout, the fundamentals of the anatomy associated with inversion style practice and how to instruct effectively. This program provided many extras to help practitioners begin their own business, such as lesson plan templates, scheduling/pricing spreadsheets, and printable pose charts. I highly recommend this program to any yoga enthusiast who wants to expand their practice to include the benefits of Yoga Trapeze!”

– Jill Andreychak

“The course info is very thorough and the photos and videos for almost every YOGABODY trapeze pose make learning, memorizing and teaching the poses so much easier.” Namaste, this class gets an “A” from me!”

– Heather Silguero

“Amazing course! Looking forward to many more courses and advancing my yoga career.”

– Desire

“Excellent online resources for learning, comprehensive learning experience, supportive and responsive course tutors. I enjoyed learning more about back pain and spinal anatomy. Highly recommended.”

– Louise Evans

“It’s a wonderful feeling to not only be able to learn that you can heal yourself (I improved an injury), but also to teach others to do the same. This program is hands-on, fun, and easy to duplicate. You will feel empowered and want to teach when the course is over.”

– Brittney Littlejohn

“There is SO much to do with the Yoga Trapeze that I wouldn’t have ever known without the training. I’m so excited to continue this new training myself, as well as help so many of my current clients. I’m blown away by this program and am so glad I went through the training.”

– Carrie Klauk

“I just wanted to say I have about 1200 hours in yoga training and your Yoga Trapeze online course is TOP NOTCH. I am so impressed with how organized and methodical the lessons and website are. Lucas, I thought I knew the back. I have picked up so much valuable info from you!”

– Mia Neuenhoff

“It was a fantastic and supportive experience! I wasn’t sure how prepared this online class would make me feel to teach others, but I loved practicing with the trapeze, so I enrolled. I learned so much about anatomy, breathing, and the philosophy behind the YB style of yoga. I feel fully prepared to teach others after taking the course but will continue to study and learn as I practice and teach.”

– Melissa Rowe

“I found this program inviting and friendly! There was tons of support and detailed description! I will definitely be using these skills for the rest of my days!”

– Malea Hooper

“What a fabulous experience, the entire team are professional, helpful and knowledgeable.” Extremely well-organized training which delivered more than I expected.”

– Judy Wildish

“The online Trapeze Teacher Training is amazing as you have the choice to manage your time. I had to finish the course a few days before due to work, so I was able to do a few days within one. Physically, I’m a performer so I had to be careful with injuries and not to do too much, but I grabbed the concept pretty fast as Lucas explications are very clear.”

– Fiona Jay-Brown

“Within days of passing, I’ve taught two new students and signed up 4 international students for online training which is very exciting! It was far more in-depth and thorough than I expected from a 30hr course and of all the teacher trainings I’ve done this is the one that’s left most confident teaching. I’m officially in love with the yoga trapeze!”

– Lucy Baker

“This course was easy to follow thanks to all the clear and concise information on the eLearning center. Having daily input from the YOGABODY team via the Facebook group was superb and I particularly found this to be very helpful and also motivating. This is most certainly a very well thought out course and Lucas has a very unique gift as a teacher in helping you learn and retain the knowledge.”

– Sinead Kinney

“I love that it’s science and movement-based, not a lot of fluff and the teachers are awesome. I was absolutely terrified and excited at the same time starting this course, I’ve never done anything like this before. So happy I took this step and can’t wait to put in practice everything I’ve learned.”

– Alexandra

“BEST INVESTMENT EVER! I had big dreams when I signed up for YOGABODY’s first Online Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training course, but NOTHING prepared me for the PASSION, professional DRIVE, and confidence I developed under the LIFE-CHANGING direction of the teacher trainers! Completely blown away. In love!! YOGABODY family, I am SO proud to be able to call myself a certified Yoga Trapeze instructor. I have a blossoming business, a beautiful outlook thanks to your leadership, and a positivity that blesses me and others. I continue to grow each day and I SEE my dream actualizing before my eyes. How did this become my life?! Oh yes… that’s right; I took a risk and signed up.”

– Jessica Marie Barriere of Yoga Trapeze Dayton

“I dreamed of being able to do the course online, then voilà. I have been working as a flight attendant for 12 years. It’s stressful work and challenging on the body and brain. At just 24, I faced endless problems with my back, which led to severe migraines due to blockage in the body. I saw different doctors and tried traditional, as well as alternative, medicine. I finally found relief in yoga. The only problem? It was boring. That’s when I discovered the Yoga Trapeze. One day, hanging upside down during practice, the girl next to me said, “You do so well. Why don’t you become a teacher?” I wanted to, but I couldn’t join a training course due to my work schedule. I dreamt of being able to do the course online, then voilà! I received a newsletter from YOGABODY about the Online Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training. Thank you, YOGABODY, from the bottom of my heart. You made my wish come true. Now I can help others relieve their pain like I did, in a fun and effective way.”

– Mariana Belva

“This course has made me proud to be a yoga teacher. Before this course, I never focused on anatomy, but now I love it. The course pushed me to wake up every morning and practice, and it introduced me to yoga teachers around the world. It even improved my English! Now, I am proud to say I am a yoga teacher.”

– Teata Thararoop

“This course is top-notch. I have seen, designed, and participated in many yoga programs and this one is top-notch. Professional, well organized, clean, high-quality materials, plus a big heartfelt delivery style. On a global scale, this is heads and shoulders above the rest.”

– Jennifer Steed

“I went from hesitating to get in my trapeze to ecstatically teaching others how to use it. I absolutely loved this course. I went from hesitating to get in my trapeze to ecstatically teaching others how to use it. All of the information was informative and engaging.”

– Melanie Crow

“Tons of information and support. I loved the layout of this course! Tons of information and support. I now feel very confident that I will be able to teach safely and successfully.”

– Michelle Fernandez

“The Yoga Trapeze and this online teacher training course gave me my life back. I was feeling defeated by my health. I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia and many back issues, such as degenerative disk disease, arthritis, and two posterior herniations. I was desperate for help.

I bought a Yoga Trapeze and a rig about a year ago, but I didn’t do much with it until I saw a Facebook post for this online teacher training. What!! I knew my life was about to change, if I could just push ahead. With my ailments, I’ve had issues staying committed to anything related to exercise; that is, until the classes for the course started and I could stay connected with fellow classmates and teachers. I began looking forward to each class and practicing every day. The best and most important thing was the pain that I had felt for years was starting to diminish. The helplessness was fading. Now, the need to show off this miracle inversion sling is so much stronger than I could have ever imagined! I really want to give people their life back because this is what it’s done for me. Thank you YOGABODY, from the bottom of my heart!”

– Kelly Irizarry

“I enjoyed being able to do the teacher training online, at a manageable pace. I enjoyed being able to do the teacher training online, at a manageable pace. The lessons were easy to follow and the sequencing worked well. I did the class for my personal use, but I feel I could confidently teach a class down the road if I choose to do so.”

– Helen Hackworth

“This course was so incredibly thorough. This course is absolutely amazing! I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to study with Lucas from the comfort of my own home. I was a complete novice when I registered for the teacher training. I also suffered from injuries, from my toes to my jaw, and saw tremendous improvements in my body as I was taking the course. I learned a lot about posture, and how to correct it and live free of back pain. I learned about the spine and injuries that can occur along it. This course was so incredibly thorough! Thank you!!”

– Amy Hackett

“This program is a gem! I wasn’t sure if I would feel educated and experienced enough to actually teach after a class that was not “in person.” Well, my expectations were exceeded. I had more than enough resources and contact with instructors and classmates, and I am ready to continue practicing and start sharing the Yoga Trapeze with others! If you’re thinking about taking the training…stop thinking and do it! Great job, YOGABODY!”

– Crystal Livingston

“I love the variety of movements that the Yoga Trapeze offers: traction, opening, stretching, inversions with an added support of the sling. Plus, you look so awesome doing it! The communication and support offered by the staff/team were exceptional—all concerns were immediately addressed for the benefit of all the students. I totally enjoyed interacting and meeting the students from all over the world who took part in the training.

The course content covered all areas: physical training, business and marketing, injuries, anatomy studies relevant to the practice, etc., which enabled me to understand and be ready to execute practice in my area. They have even left all support open for us should we have concerns. I am so excited to start sharing this with more people of my community and to better myself as a teacher.”

– Sharmilla Deo

“It was a powerful experience for me. I have been a yoga teacher since 1998, but the last few years I have been increasingly limited in what I could do. Lucas’ focus on the Three-Legged Stool of Health (nervous system, hormone system, and the microbiome) and the daily practice initially kicked my butt, but I am getting stronger every day and am planning my new teaching practice as a result of this class. I am in so much gratitude for this new start and for his practical and clear teaching style.”

– Valerie de Magdalena

“This training was very comprehensive, very well thought out, and was one of the best I’ve ever taken. I appreciated the community built into our daily interaction, while students were encouraged to ask any and all questions without judgment. The trainers were quick to respond to every video, question, or comment. Even the anatomy training has already enhanced the way I teach in my mat classes. This training is relevant to all facets yoga has to offer.”

– Jessica Mitchell

“The training is so complete and high quality. I realized how little I knew and I feel so happy now for the knowledge I received. Totally recommended!”

– Melissa

“Lucas is all-in and really cares about the students. As a new 200-Hr RYT, I added the Trapeze Training Online in parallel to my certification process. So glad I did. The online course format was very easy to use, pleasant, adaptable to a busy schedule, and professionally crafted. The material was presented in a manner in which you can learn and retain the information. The anatomy and financial training models were top notch and applicable to yoga and Yoga Trapeze teachers. I would recommend the YOGABODY online training certification programs.”

– Kathleen Robinson

“I learned with pleasure and enjoyed the course. It was a great experience to learn from home especially for people who cannot afford the trip and accommodation.”

– Monica Biasiolo

“Great visuals in the handbook and lessons; a great experience. The training was very thorough and clear. It made it easy to learn new information and apply it, and the teacher response was very quick.”

– Monique Newell

“Holy moly, what great information—I enjoyed all of it! I really enjoyed the online training because it was easy to follow and understand. If at any time we were confused, it was easy to get in touch and get questions answered. I also really enjoyed the books that were recommended before the training started.”

– Sivanna McCormick

“Worth every penny. This was the most organized yoga teachers experience I have had so far in my career. The layout and videos are wonderfully put together.”

– Crystal Brooks

“Very friendly and yet professional. It was structured and easy to follow, and they gave very good tips.”

– Sabine Audibert

“It was great to connect with others that are also interested in teaching and becoming certified and seeing their teaching styles, as well as connecting with the teachers of the course and having them help us with questions and demonstrate easier, better ways to train and teach. Overall, I thought that the program was great. Now it’s just fingers crossed that I passed!”

– Anita Clay

“If you have years of experience teaching and are a self-starter, this is a good program. Would not recommend online training if you are a novice to teaching.”

– Jan Hulett

“I really appreciated the emphasis on anatomy. The teachers were always available for questions and I feel like I really had time to learn all of the information. I truly enjoyed the online program.”

– Sarah

“As a current yoga teacher, this was perfect to add to my skills and work scope. I learnt mainly for me, initially, so I could improve my knowledge and practice, and this course helped with that immensely. I plan to use this with one-on-one in my therapy work, also. I feel as though at some point, I will be confident enough to teach others and this course has given me so much in that aspect. I loved this training and I highly recommend it. 🙂 Even more so if you are a yoga teacher already!”

– Sarah Swindlehurst Mulliner

“This was a wonderful way to study with Expert Instructor, Lucas Rockwood. I appreciated the ability to review all the materials which were clearly presented in very approachable packages. The daily lessons were well paced, had clear information, and were comprehensive in the development of teaching skills. I feel confident in going forth with teaching this method and am thankful for this excellent program.”

-Erika Meier

“It truly is a fantastic option for those of us wanting and needing the Yoga Trapeze education, but are unable to travel for onsite training. This course was one of the very best online courses I’ve ever taken—and I’ve taken a lot of courses. It was worth every penny. I feel I am a stronger Aerial Yoga teacher because of what I learned from YOGABODY. I very much appreciate the expertise and patience shown in offering this valuable education.”

– Lisa Tauzin

“It was very useful to have contact with the other trainees to follow their progress and get feedback from them. All the teachers were there all the time willing to help, especially Rosita. I think the training was very complete.”

– Beatriz Díez Mas

“Excellent training that you can fit around even the busiest lifestyle! It included a team that was right there whenever you needed them. It was nice to train with a very enthusiastic group from all over the world.”

– Karen Haley

“Using social media to bring the group together made the journey more fun and created a big Yoga Trapeze world. I am so happy that I found this course. The quality of teaching was very high and personal. It was clear that the teachers have the ambition to help us do great. You could ask questions or send pictures or videos and you would get feedback right away.”

– Ingunn Elfa

“Simply the best online teacher training program ever! Super professional, interactive, top experts in their topic! They will give you all the tools you need to be able to teach your future students correctly! Great team vibe from YOGABODY!”

– Kinga

100% Quality Guarantee

If you complete the course and for whatever reason don’t feel like you received the education you expected, we’ll refund your tuition fee in full. We’ve been educating professional teachers since 2006 and take this responsibility very seriously. We regularly hire from our own graduating classes, so our curriculum must be at market leading standards. We’ll turn your passion into a profession.
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