*Live* Online Masterclass

25 April 2021 with Lucas Rockwood


6:00 – 7:30 pm Barcelona Time (CEST)
12 – 1:30 pm New Yok City (EST) / 9 – 10:30 am CA (PST)
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Dear Yoga Student,

Do you suffer poor posture and lower back pain? If so, I’d like to invite you to my Push-Pull-Hang Masterclass. Most students are familiar with inversions on the Yoga Trapeze, but there is so much more to learn when it comes to strength and stabilization of your spine. This can improve your standing posture, your running gait, and can help with self care of your spine.


  • Push Strength: stabilize the muscles of your core / anterior chain
  • Pull Strength: power up your posterior chain
  • Traction: naturally create more space between your vertebrae


  • 60-min live streaming class
  • 30-min live Q&A (talk to me live)
  • Replay & download available same day of class
  • Zoom call (free software phone/computer)


  • All levels, beginners welcome
  • Modifications and variations provided
  • Prepare your Yoga Trapeze
  • Write down any questions you might have

This is a workshop style class with mini-flows, posture clinics, modifications and suggestions for all body types.

I hope you can join me!



Normal: $29.95 SAVE $10!
Just $19.95


Live Access 25 April
Replay/Download Access Same Day

Join via any phone or computer.
No experience required, beginners welcome.

What Students Are Saying…

Excellent as always! Lucas’s instructions are always clear & straightforward, and he’s always encouraging, especially with challenging poses. I learned some new things today that I look forward to practicing on my Yoga Trapeze. Thank you Lucas!

– Liz

This was my first time joining one of your classes and I’m so glad I did! I found it to be very informative, and helpful. I recently slipped going down my steps and landed on my tailbone which has been a very slow painful heal! I feel better after this class than I have in two weeks! Thanks Lucas!

– Deb

Didn’t expect the actual workout, but glad I got to get one in for the day!

– Lacey

Fabulous class! As someone who doesn’t have a trapeze and wanted to get appropriate information before getting one, I am deeply satisfied with what I learned from this masterclass. As always, Lucas is an excellent instructor and quite inspirational. Thank you for all your hard work and excellent classes, Lucas!

– Adriana

Loved the class it was very informative and well presented, the exercises were challenging doing them for the first time! But not to worry Lucas gives plenty of options and variations on the moves for all abilities. So glad I participated as am feeling fantastic, thank you great class.

– Gill

Class was excellent, first time to properly use my trapeze since getting it, class was easy to understand and left me full of energy…thanks Lucas.

– Paul

10/10 I loved some small additions to add to my tool box and the reminder it creates for me that I want to prioritize grip strength, etc Thanks for your time and knowledge Lucas!

– Samantha

I trained in yoga trapeze with Lucas in 2016 and have been sharing the teachings ever since with great results! It was great for ME to practice with Lucas and learn new details in anatomy and foundational stability. As always Lucas explains very well the benefits of each posture and how to execute them specifically and safely. I really enjoyed the practice today and would love to have more opportunity to practice with Lucas. As teachers we teach, but often do not have the opportunity where we live to experience a class with master teachers. As more and more teachers are offering online classes this has changed for the world. Thanks Lucas.

– Melinda

Great class! I learned a couple of new ways to use my trapeze, and I was amazed how little strength I got in my hands. Very balanced and structured class, and easy to follow. Looking forward to more of these classes! Abrazos.

– Monica

I appreciate the clear instructions and modifications. The strength and balance routine is just what I needed. The push, pull, hang is so good to integrate into a daily routine. Thank you for teaching me more ways to use my Yoga Trapeze!

– Amina