21-Day Private
Yoga Business Accelerator

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Turnkey System to Earn a Great Income Teaching Private Yoga Classes…

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WANTED: Qualified yoga teachers looking to grow their income and their influence through private yoga. The program is taught by, Lucas Rockwood, Founder of YOGABODY, Master Trainer, #1-Rated Podcast Host, 4x Studio Owner, Serial Entrepreneur & Father of 2 kids.

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New Student Form ($29 value free!)
This customizable form allows you to capture contact info from your students, referral information, health history, terms and conditions. It’s very simple to use, and you’ll be ready to print and use in minutes.

Liability Waiver for Your Students ($149 value free!)
Don’t waste time and money hiring a lawyer to create your legal liability waiver, just use this template, add your personal details, and you’ll be ready to print and use in minutes.

Dynamic Price Calculator
Most teachers undercharge for their classes and get lost in pricing for longer-term, bigger packages. This simple calculator is dynamic, so you add in a “base rate” and it does all the math instantly. Download this and you’ll have a professional pricing table instantly.

Dear Yoga Teacher,

If you’re a qualified yoga teacher frustrated with where you are right now in terms of your teaching and earning potential, there is a very good chance I can help you kickstart your career in a whole new direction.

I’m not talking about studio ownership…

10 years ago, my advice to ambitious yoga instructors was to open a studio. Today, studio ownership is usually last on my list of recommendations; and private yoga teaching is number one.

Here’s what’s happened…

In recent years, the yoga market has exploded at the same time as on-demand services like Uber and Airbnb have become household names. The “sharing economy” has changed the game for yoga teachers, and it’s now fast and easy to start teaching in your home, in your students’ homes, outdoors, or rented facilities.

Here’s why a private yoga business is a great choice…

With a private yoga teaching business, you can get started today with almost no cost, you don’t need any fancy marketing, and your per hour rate is 3x what you’d make teaching normal classes. Plus, you get paid in advance! Your average studio needs 300 members just to survive, but with a private business, you just need about 10-15 clients—this is fairly easy in most cities. If you’ve never taught or sold private yoga before, you probably need some guidance; and that’s why I created this 21-Day Private Yoga Business Accelerator.

Top 5 Reason to Teach Private Yoga

#1. Freedom. When you work for yourself, you decide when, where, and with whom you work. It’s an amazing feeling when you’re in control of your own destiny, and with private teaching, it’s totally doable.

#2. Triple Your Hourly Rate. Most private yoga teachers earn 2-3x’s for privates as they would for similar group classes. On-demand services are booming all over the world, and students are actively hiring private yoga teachers. It’s not weird anymore! It’s a huge and growing opportunity, the perfect time to get started.

#3. Zero Cost to Start. A typical yoga studio costs $250K (or more) just to open the doors. That’s a huge risk, and it can take years to get back to $0. With a private yoga business, you can start tomorrow for little or no money.

#4. Get Paid in Advance. With privates, you charge your clients at the beginning of the month instead of the end. This dramatically changes your financial life from day one.

#5. Focus on Teaching (not business). When you own a studio, your life is all about HR, accounting, membership, schedules and customer service. Most studio owners spend 10% of their time teaching, and 90% of their time on operations. With a private yoga business, it’s flipped so you can spend 90% of your time teaching and just 10% on business.

My “Teach ‘Til You Drop” Story

I started teaching in 2003, and I was dead broke. I made less money teaching yoga than I’d made working at Starbucks when I was a teenager—so that was no good. My solution? I started teaching more, and more, and more.

First, it was 5-7 classes per week, and that was great for my lifestyle, but I could barely survive financially. Within months, I’d pumped up my schedule to 15-18 classes per week, and finically, things became manageable; but eventually, I maxed out at 18-21 classes per week to meet my financial needs.

Bad news: I was teaching 6 days per week, 3-4 classes per day, and I was exhausted, uninspired, and burnt out.

Here’s why my days looked like…

I’d start each morning with a 2-hour personal practice. My first public class would usually start at 10 am, and then I’d eat breakfast, alone. I’d teach a midday class and then grab a quick lunch, again alone; and then I’d teach 1 or 2 more evening classes.

If you’re a new teacher, this might sounds great, and it was… at first.

But very quickly, my life dissolved into a very lonely and uninspired existence. I’d start early and end late—so my whole day was accounted for. I had plenty of random breaks throughout the day, but I didn’t have anyone to spend time with because my schedule was so odd. And since my one day off per week usually landed on a Tuesday or a Thursday, my personal life was just ruined.

Lesson learned: if you try to double and triple your teaching schedule to find financial freedom, you’ll end up exhausted, burnt-out, and uninspired.

“I noticed the most successful teachers I met always seemed to teach less and earn more as they grew their career—so I decided I needed to figure out how to do the same.”

Teacher Turned Studio Owner

I opened my first yoga studio in 2006, and quickly I learned two very hard lessons: [#1] Yoga studio owner is about business, not teaching, and [#2] Smart yoga teachers actually make more than your average yoga studio owner.

Like many teachers, I opened my studio thinking I’d be teaching all the time and would be able to keep all the profits myself—but this is not how it works. Studio ownership involved human resources, accounting, marketing, and scheduling (lots of scheduling!). The best studio owners teach as little as possible and spend most of their time behind the scenes. I was a quintessential yoga bum, so this was all news to me—and it came as a shock.

I went from being an overworked yoga teacher earning an “ok” salary to an overworked studio owner, again earning an “ok” salary. I was back in the exact same situation, working long hours, no personal life, exhausted all the time, and frustrated.

Lesson learned: studio ownership might make sense at some point (today I have studios), but for most teachers, the fastest and most-rewarding path to financial stability is teaching—only doing it smarter.

Pain Is The Best Teacher

Within a year of opening my first studio, I was buried in debt, my girlfriend had left me, and I was in a really dark place. Everyone I met assumed I had a dream life, but I couldn’t even take an afternoon off—I was trapped and struggling. Outsiders don’t realize that even yoga teachers can really suffer at work.

Pain is the best teacher….

I hated business, I had massive money issues (I thought money was the root of all evil), and I didn’t ever want to learn about sales or marketing. Why would I? I was more interested in the lumbar spine, internal rotation, and arm balances.

But you know what? I didn’t have a choice. I owed 3 different people a total of $60,000. I had 12 staff who depending on my for their livelihood, and I had hundreds of members who truly loved my studio. So this head trash, “business is bad” nonsense was my problem, and my responsibility to fix.

So I did. I spent $2,800 on my first yoga business coach. And then $2,400 on the second one. I did it kicking and screaming, but you know what? It worked. I’m a good student of yoga, I listen to my teachers; and it turns out, that same ability to listen and take direction applies to business too. Within months, my studio was making great returns, and I was taking one full day off per week (still not amazing, but a huge improvement).

Within one year, I was debt free. I’d paid back all my loans, and I even moved into a nicer home. I was still working like a dog, but I was working toward something, not spinning my wheels.

Lesson learned: since you’re into yoga, there’s a good chance that you’re a good student. If you can learn to do a backbend or to balance on your head, you can suck up your pride and learn the basics of sales, marketing and operations. You can do this. the question is: are you ready?

My Life Today

I have three professional yoga studios, a products business, a #1-rated podcast, and 34 employees. I’m the same uneducated yoga bum I was a decade ago, but I got real about what I wanted to build in the world, and I learned how this yoga business thing works.

Good news: the business of yoga is not competitive at all. Most people are playing small and will never step up and build something of their own. Rather than building their own dream, they work for someone who has a bigger dream.

Do I still work hard? Yes, absolutely. Am I bored, frustrated, burnt-out or uninspired? Never. I love Mondays equally as much as I love Saturdays (I take weekends off now). My work is great, my businesses are growing, and I’m on a path that feels exciting, sustainable, and it’s still 100% focused on yoga.

Are You On Cruise Control?

Yoga teachers often say things like, “Everything always works out in the end,” or “Things happen exactly as they are meant to happen.” If you want to talk like that with your friends, that’s fine, but I’m not going to let you get away with that here. This kind of thinking is you playing small and under-serving your students, your family, and yourself.

If you’ve got something to teach, some great way to be of service… then you sitting around waiting for opportunity to drop into your lap is nothing to celebrate, it’s something you need to wash yourself free from and get back to chasing your dreams.

Let’s Get After It

I’ll take you step-by-step through this turnkey system. We’ll plan your new business, set your prices, acquire and manage your clients—all in a matter of weeks. This approach is based on the real-world business model of 100+ graduates from my various courses, and none of it is complex or intimidating in any way.

The most challenging part is making the decision to take the plunge; from there, it’s just matter of following all step-by-step.

If you’re serious about building a yoga business for yourself, this private teaching option is a really smart choice. I’m excited to help you along this journey as you take control of your future as a teacher.

This Program Is Not For Everyone

I’m passionate about yoga, business, serving clients, and having a huge impact with my work. Before you consider working with me, you should understand that I have no time or patience for students with wealth wounds, excuses, or head trash around business and yoga. This is not a mindset program, it’s a “got off your bum and take action program,” and I’ll tell you exactly what to do.

But please read and understand that this program might not be for you…

… If you are not willing to spend 15-20 minute a day on your business, please don’t apply.

… If you have money issues and think money is evil, please don’t apply (I used to have these issues too, then I had kids, now I understand the reality that money is necessary).

… If you are in multi-level marketing or networking marketing, don’t apply (those are not real businesses, they don’t add value to the world).

… if you’re looking for a get-rich quick scheme or some kind of tricks for online marketing, this is not for you.

Our first class in this accelerator did absolutely amazing, landing clients, boosting their income, and meeting their goals very quickly. This 2nd intake promises to be even more impactful as our resources and tools just get better and better?

Are you ready? Let’s do this…

Keep teaching,


p.s. The program starts on May 13th, and each day, I’ll post a short assignment that will move you forward. By the end of the 3rd week, you’ll have the mindset, business plan, and confidence to build yourself a great little business—and you should have at least one-to-three clients by then too.

How It Works

Give me 15 minutes per day for three weeks, and we’ll jumpstart your private and small group yoga practice. Each day (Monday-Friday), I’ll post an assignment including templates, Google Sheets, pre-written emails, and surveys so it’s all turnkey and simple. Your job is to follow the instructions, keep up with your 15-minute per day commitment, and watch your business grow.


    Mindset & Planning

  • Cleaning “House” to Make Space for Success

  • Start with the End in Mind: Goal Setting

  • Discover Your Real Value

  • The Magic, 1-Page Plan

  • Payment & Pricing Setup


    No-Cost Marketing

  • Local Synergy Promo Swap

  • Online Listings 101

  • Case Study Promo

  • Local Business Day

  • Open House / Yoga Party Promo



    Client Management & Referrals

  • First Client / First Session Success

  • Client Management & Happiness

  • Referral Marketing: Fun & Simple

  • Above & Beyond

  • Rinse & Repeat Success


TIME COMMITMENT: 15 minutes per day Mon-Friday for three weeks. Some days, your assignment might take longer than 15 minutes, some days less; but on average, plan for 15 minutes daily.

Technical Considerations

This entire program is delivered via a private Facebook Group. No logins required and no software to learn. Just login to Facebook and it will all be there. We’ll use some premade forms, surveys, and submissions, but they will all be plug-and-play, done for you.


No problem. A website can be helpful but is not needed at all for this program.
Doesn’t matter, this is not about social media.
Yes, as long as you can use Facebook to join the group, you’ll do just fine. None of this requires any tech skills.
No, not at all. We’re talking about offline, private client acquisition and retention.
There is a 100% guarantee (scroll down for details).
This will work for almost all styles of yoga, but not for meditation or spiritual yoga teaching.
Yes. I started teaching before I was certified. I took private clients, and I did an “ok” job. Waiting to be ready rarely helps, the best way to start is to start.
Just ask. I’ll be live in the group every single day. My team will be helping me too.
Nope. Most of what we’ll do is “done-for-you,” meaning we’ll give you templates, you just type in your info – and you’re ready.

21-Day Private
Yoga Business Accelerator

13 May – 2 June 2019

This is a low-tech, zero-budget marketing program with the goal to get you 10-15 private yoga clients. This is a day-by-day, assignment program where I’ll give you about 15 minutes worth of “work” to do to move things forward. All you have to do is show up, follow the steps, and you’ll build your own yoga business very quickly.


Price: $399 $249 Early Price Discount! *

Safe & Secure Checkout • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

* Pay before 30 April 2019

NOTE: When you finished with the payment you’ll receive an email invite to the private Facebook Group… and on May 13th, off we go!

Are you a Yoga Trapeze® or Yoga Teacher’s College Student?
Email [email protected] for your “student” rate.

Student Reviews…

“My First Client Starts within Two Weeks…” Thank you so much Lucas for the structure you give me for developing a private class yoga business. I really learned a lot and I am very inspired now to go on and make it happen. My first client starts within two weeks and several people are thinking about my offer. Alone, I didn’t know where to start and would be lost.
- Caroline (teaching 8 years)
“Practical, Usable, Encouraging…” This was a very informative program that provided practical, usable, encouraging action steps and focus on learning the business side of private yoga.
- Sara (teacher in training)
“If you follow his ideas you’ll get your desired number clients.” This course is one of the most useful online classes I’ve taken. Lucas’ knowledge of business and yoga teaching is very inspiring. He shares his experience, knows what works and what doesn’t and he keeps an eye on you to make sure you do your homework. If you follow his ideas you’ll get your desired number clients.
- Hanne R. (teaching 4 years)
“It was well worth the time and money spent.” This program helped me to take action on making private yoga teaching a reality. I had been contemplating it for several years but had not gone forward. I got so much done in the 21 days with Lucas that it made my head spin and pushed me outside my comfort zone. I gained confidence with each assignment and the group energy was an extra boost. It was well worth the time and money spent. Thank you.
- Carla (teaching 12 years)
“Lucas totally delivered on this course.” This 21-day course was like no other I’ve taken before. Using a combination of mixed media, personal anecdotes, pre-prepared templates and tons of encouragement, Lucas totally delivered on this course. It was fast-paced and each day could have been a mini course of its own. I found it fun, engaging, informative and practical. I would definitely do another course of this kind!
- Daria G. (teaching 5 years)

Professional Certificate Course
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Yoga Alliance registered teachers are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education studies every three years, and this course counts as seven hours toward that requirement. Certificates are issued digitally and emailed in PDF format upon successful completion of the program. (learn more)

About Lucas Rockwood

I’m a yoga teacher, trainer, studio owner, podcaster, nutritional coach, product creator, and a father of two. I’ve taught yoga professionally all over the world, and except for selling yoga pants, I’ve done just about everything in the yoga business.

Most yoga teachers have no idea how to earn money; and worse, most of the business advice that is available for teachers was created by someone who has never walked in your shoes.

Consumer spending on yoga has reach 7 billion dollars annually, and yet most yoga teachers can barely afford to pay their rent. This is crazy. There are mega yoga clothing companies, huge conferences, music videos, and even fast food advertisements featuring yoga—and yet, your average neighborhood teacher goes home feeling broke and burnt out each day.

As a yoga bum turned successful serial entrepreneur, I created this program for yoga teachers who would (for the most part) prefer to just teach yoga and leave the sales to someone else.

The bad news is that it’s impossible to completely outsource the “business” of yoga (if that worked, every yoga teacher would be a millionaire); but the good news is that I can show you the path of least resistance — the stuff that works. And the truth is, marketing and sales done right is just as fun and valuable as is teaching classes.

In fact, yoga marketing done right is teaching. You’ll learn that “teaching sells,” and once you internalize this business truth, the sky is the limit and your career can be so much fun you’ll surprise yourself.

I grew up poor, and most of my youth, I thought that made me a good, noble person. Like many people in the yoga community, I thought wealth only came tainted by the manipulation of others and was fundamentally unfair. Today, I realize I was just poor and was thinking like poor people often do when that feeling of “lack” has a stronghold over your life.

True wealth is much more than just a number in a bank account, it’s more about abundance in all areas of your life. It’s about having enough to take care of your own needs, but also enough to take care of others. It’s easy to be a self-centered yogi in a cave, it’s another thing altogether to have a family, or a community, or an entire company depending on you for the roof over their head.

To provide opportunity and experience to people who would otherwise have none… that’s wealth. And that’s why I love to help yoga teachers unlock their potential because what happens next can feel like magic.


Price: $399 $249 Early Price Discount! *

Safe & Secure Checkout • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

* Pay before 30 April 2019

NOTE: When you finished with the payment you’ll receive an email invite to the private Facebook Group… and on May 13th, off we go!

100% SATISFACTION GAURANTEE – if for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re not happy with this program, just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll refund you in full with no hassles. This is only fun for us if you get results, and this step-by-step formula makes it easy.
DOUBLE YOUR MONEY GAURANTEE – if follow the program step-by-step each day (and can show me you’ve done it) and you don’t at least double your registration fees within one month after the program, email us [email protected] and we’ll pay 2x what you invested in the program—so no matter what, you win. I’ve seen so many of our students use this system, so I’m very confident it will work for you.