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No One Cares About
Your Yoga Brand (don’t bother)

If I asked you what music label produced Bruno Mars first album, do you know the answer? What about Katy Perry? Oh, come on! What about Justin Bieber?

You don’t know what music company produced their albums because YOU DON’T CARE. It’s irrelevant.

With music, you like or hate their songs, not the label or brand. The same is true of yoga. Nobody cares about yoga teaching brands… During my yoga courses, I do an experiment where I ask students to name the biggest yoga brands in the world. Immediately, hands go up. Someone says the name of a big yoga leggings brand – not a yoga teaching brand.

Another person says the name of a big yoga video website – again, not a yoga brand.

… and then, students start calling out the names of their favorite teachers. Now we’re onto something. Yoga teaching is like the music business. Just like in music, it’s all about the performer and the fans; in yoga, it’s all about the teacher and their students.

Everything else is a big waste of time.

So don’t think or worry about it at all. When you merely mention the word “business,” teachers start dreaming of logos and taglines, websites with animated mandalas… none of this makes you a better yoga teacher. So don’t bother.

As someone who personally has a bunch of brands and logos and taglines, I’ll be the first to tell you, none of it made me a better teacher, and all of it distracted me from my teaching.

In yoga business, there are only two things that matter: you and your community. We’ll unpack those two in the next video.

NOTE: I know you’ve probably a seen a bunch of “yoga business coaches” tell you how important brand is. Keep in mind, none of them have brands, none of them teach for a living, and all of them are giving advice based on academic ideas of business. I’m a career teacher. For better or worse, this has been my livelihood since I was 24. I have a level of market knowledge that is hard to match. I certainly don’t know everything, but what I do know is simple, proven, and learn-able.