Practice Journal

The best yoga teachers in the world are also the best students, without exception. During your studies with the Yoga Teachers College, you are required to log 100 classes at local studios. Your practice journal will serve as your diary and record of learning.

When you go to classes, simply take your practice journal with you and have your teacher sign off on your attendance. Next, be sure to sit and write a few notes about your experience of that particular class so you remember what you liked, disliked, and learned.

As a yoga teaching professional, it’s important you understand not just the YOGABODY style, but the way the yoga community operates as a whole. Your 100 classes give you the opportunity to dive deep into your local yoga community, improve your own practice, and gain amazing perspective on your career.


• Take a yoga class and have your teacher sign and date your journal

• Write simple notes on what you learned from each class

• Check in with your training mentor weekly to report your progress

• Explore, learn, and grow as a student and teacher

Yes, of course. Workshops, festivals, and special classes are a great learning experience.
Online classes and self-practice are highly recommended, but they do not count toward your 100 classes. Remember, you are training to become a teacher, so you must have real-world, on-the-ground experience or you will lack the depth of knowledge required to be effective.
That would be very strange, but if it does happen, just check in with your trainers and we’ll figure out a solution.
If you live in a place with limited access to studios, you might need to get creative in order to complete 100 classes. Options you might consider include spending time living somewhere else or taking a ‘yoga holiday,’ where you practice two classes per day while visiting specific places.
Try not to lose it, but since you’re checking in and sharing your journal with your training mentor weekly, at most, you’d lose record of a handful of classes—we’ll figure it out.
Maybe. The focus of your practice should be asana classes, but check with your training mentor as some related classes can be approved and helpful for your growth.