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Yoga Business. Teaching. Entrepreneurship. Join Yoga Teacher, Master Trainer and Serial Entrepreneur, Lucas Rockwood, as he delivers both tactical and strategic plans for building a yoga teaching business, retaining clients, and earning a great living doing what you love. If you’re a yoga teacher, trainer, or studio owner, this insider information straight from the horse’s mouth is invaluable. Each show compresses months worth of real-world experience into a 15-minute, actionable episode.

Episode 16: From Teacher to Entrepreneur

Donal is an established yoga teacher actively expanding his teaching and business skills. When a prospective student inquires about classes but doesn’t end up joining a class, Donal is unsure how to follow up. Does he email? Make an offer? Add them to a list?

Episode 15: How to Specialize

Annette is a qualified yoga teacher in Western Australia. She is not interested in opening her own studio, and instead, she would like to start a private yoga teaching business. But how does she stand out from the competition? How does she avoid misconceptions about what yoga is and is not?

Episode 14: Is the Yoga Market Saturated?

Angela is a long-time coach and soon-to-be Yoga Trapeze instructor. She is considering lots of different business options, one of which is to open a yoga studio. But is the market saturated? Does it even make sense to open a physical location?

Episode 13: Studio Tax Needs

Rosanna is a long-time yoga teacher, student, and seeker, and her day job is in taxes. She is curious to know if there is a way to put her skills to use in yoga studios, helping them use less paper, automate their processes, and go online.

Episode 12: How to Get Clients

Lana just opened her first yoga studio, and she’s looking for the most effective ways to get new students in the door. Paid marketing? Free marketing? Where to start?

Episode 11: Specials, Promos, Retention

Patricia has a three-year-old studio. They have an easy time attracting clients, but they are struggling to retain them. What is the best price and offer to use for “intro specials?” How do you keep our students from bouncing from studio to studio?

Episode 10: Yoga Radio Promotion

Amanda has a yoga studio in Florida and has been invited to be a guest on a local radio show. She’s unsure about what to talk about, how to turn those listeners into students, and what direction to take with this new promotional channel.

Episode 9: Client Retention

Nancy teaches Ayurveda-inspired, semi-private yoga classes in The Netherlands, and it’s going well—but she’s struggling with retention. Students start off motivated but seem to drop off, even if they have purchased multi-session packs. What to do?

Episode 8: How to Teach the Spiritual Side of Yoga

Esther is a yoga teacher most interested and most focused on the spiritual aspects of yoga including breathing, chanting, and yoga philosophy. Many students expect a more physical, fitness-based class, so she wonders how she can solve this challenge.

Episode 7: Private Clients Not Showing Up for Class – What to Do?

Sandra has a Yoga Trapeze semi-private studio with space for 10 students, but her clients often cancel last minute leaving her losing revenue and turning away potential paying clients. What to do?

Episode 6: Yoga Websites – What Platform to Use

Andy is a Yoga Teachers College trainee and also produces his own training courses in Vietnam. He is wanting to add a “graduates directory” to his existing website and wonders what software to use, how to hire developers, and if it’s even worth it?

Episode 5: How to Work On (not in) Your Business

Tiffany has a new studio and finds herself working “in” the business much more than “on” the business. This means the emails, the admin, and the day-to-day keep her from strategic planning and high-level work. What to do?

Episode 4: New Studio Is Open – What to Focus on Now?

Sadie just opened her first yoga studio, and she’s in charge of everything—yikes! What should she focus on? Teaching, business, marketing… there are so many things.

Episode 3: How to Build Community After Class

Vidhi has a great studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The teachers are happy, the students love it, the staff is satisfied—and yet it’s challenging to build real community after class. What to do?

Episode 2: Private Classes Are Too Cheap

Brittany is teaching yoga in Lyon, France, and she’s working to build up her private yoga clientele. The problem? No one seems comfortable paying more than €55 per class, and Brittany needs €85 to support her lifestyle and financial goals.

Episode 1: Where to Open Your First Studio

Mike is living in Boston but wants to open a studio in Thailand. What about Phuket? Bangkok? How do you know where the opportunities lie? How do you choose the right place?