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Yoga Trapeze® Teacher Training (25hr / 12 days)

  • Inversion Yoga Swing
  • New style, extremely popular
  • Great for private & semi-private classes
  • Help with back pain, strength, core & balance
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Gravity Yoga® Teacher Training (25hr / 12 days)

  • Targeted flexibility training
  • Deep, meditative classes
  • Powerful stress-relief
  • Heal injuries, balance your body
  • Great for group classes in yoga studios, fitness centers or gyms
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Breath Coach® Teacher Training (15hr / 12 days)

  • Simple, practical, powerful
  • Deep sleep, stress relief, increased energy
  • Naturally control your nervous system
  • Great for online coaching, in-person training or corporate clients
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About the Certification

Our course is registered with both Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (CE) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). By successfully graduating from this course, you'll be qualified at the 25-hour academic level and full-qualified to teach. If possible, we also recommend you join us for an in-person course in Barcelona or around the world, but this is not required to start teaching professionally. We have instructors in 41 countries, and the demand for teachers far outreaches the current supply. So it's a great time to get trained.

Where can you teach?

  • Yoga studios
  • CrossFit Boxes
  • Climbing gyms
  • Fitness centers
  • Health centers
  • Schools
  • Privately (home or office)

Our School Is Different...

Great Value Investment - Our mission to democratize yoga means offering professional education at a price that almost everyone can afford. To make this feasible, we run a lean operation optimized for learning.

Academic Excellence - Our commitment to excellence means that a certification from the Yoga Teachers College holds real market value and demonstrates professional-level knowledge earned through study and practice. We require all graduates to achieve an 85 percent (or higher) average score on all tests and assessments, while most schools simply require you to show up in order to graduate.

Personal Support - We've revived the age-old tradition of apprenticeship. You'll have real-time access to ask your mentor questions, get feedback, learn, and grow. For online courses, mentorship happens live video, email, and chat. Flexible Schedule & Platform - Whether it's memorizing pose names or learning the anatomy of the knee, our eLearning platform makes deep learning possible in many aspects of yoga education that are often skimmed over at other schools. If you lead a busy life, our unique program schedule couples online learning with in-person immersions so you can move at your own pace.

Exciting Business Opportunities - You can qualify to be an authorized YOGABODY regional teacher, a product distributor, or a licensed YOGABODY studio owner. You can choose total autonomy after graduation or you can create a lasting partnership with YOGABODY. You’ll also have access to our retail manufacturing, studio contacts, graduate’s database, world-renowned experts, and on-going support.

About our School

There are 8,000 yoga teacher training programs in the world – so why choose us? After more than 4,000 yoga students have graduated from our program, we’ve collected a list of what they found the most valuable.

A Science-Based, Mind-Body Fitness Focus. No chanting, no chakras, no gurus, and no Oms. Forget all the clichés, we teach yoga for health and wellness and have no affiliations with any religion or dogma. We welcome people of all faiths (or none at all) because our yoga classes aren’t sacred… they’re sweaty.

Business-Positive, Entrepreneurial Training. Yoga is your passion, but we know you want to create a profitable career and become your own boss. Whether you want to work in a local studio, travel and teach workshops, or open a studio, we’re here to guide you. Graduate with the tools and a business plan to land clients straight away. See real stories from graduates.

An Internationally Recognized Certification. With our certificate in your hands, you can teach in over 41 countries, get insurance quickly, and obtain work permits easily. We are one of the few courses in the world endorsed by the American Council on Education. Plus we’re registered with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals, Yoga Alliance International, and the American Council on Exercise.

Access to Personal Mentorship. We're a modern school but we fully embrace old school student-teacher relationships. You are matched with a mentor who will be your guide through your home-study course. During your in-person immersions, you’ll work with at least five different trainers in a professional setting. The level of interaction, support, and real-world experience offered is unparalleled.

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