5 Questions to Ask When Choosing
a Yoga Teacher Training

by Yoga Teachers College Founder & Master Trainer, Lucas Rockwood

If you’re looking for a yoga training, you’re probably asking yourself “How do I know which course is right for me?”

There are over 8,000 yoga teacher training courses internationally and most are really adult summer camps where you sing songs, eat lentils, and practice lots of yoga. Call me crazy, but I believe a yoga teacher training course should actually teach you how to teach and set you up to start earning a living the day you graduate. Do you agree?

Here is the problem. Most yoga courses have a 100% graduation rate (they literally sell certificates) and less than 3% of their graduates actually go on to teach. If you’re just entering the market as a prospective teacher, it can be very difficult to figure out which courses are just for fun and which will actually add value to your career.

To help you, here are five questions I’d suggest you ask yourself to better understand what you need so you can find a school that fulfills your requirements.

Question #1. Do you want to teach professionally?

If your main goal is to spend some “me time” focused on healthy living, yoga, and community, then there are thousands of great courses. If you want to teach professionally and actually earn money, you’ll need to really dig deep as most courses do not offer this.

Question #2. What kind of teaching credentials do you need?

Most yoga courses simply “register” with Yoga Alliance. This is a good start, but the best courses have multiple accreditations, international coverage, relationships with insurance providers, and independent reviewers. The top courses are now endorsed for university credit as well.

Question #3. What is more important to you, low cost or high value?

Cheap yoga courses are an expense and experience where you’ll spend a little money for some fun memories. Professional courses are an investment that will cost more, but you’ll learn and grow personally and professionally, and your tuition will return to you as income usually within 2-6 months.

Question #4. Are the training staff actually working professionals? Or just trainers?

Sadly, many yoga studios and teachers launch training programs just for revenue. Many training courses are led by teachers who only recently graduated themselves, have very little professional experience, or who are retired teachers who haven’t been in the game for a decade or more. If you want to teach professionally as a career, make sure your trainers are active as teaching professionals.

Question #5. Do you want to learn mind-body fitness? Or religion?

If you’re interested in religion or philosophy, that’s great—but 90% of your students are not, and 100% don’t want their yoga teacher to preach to them. Many yoga training school mix Hinduism and/or Buddhism into their trainings, and this is not a good use of time and attention for fitness-based teachers.


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The Yoga Teachers College® (YTC) offers master-level training to launch your career as a yoga professional.
We combine ancient wisdom with modern science to empower future leaders in health and wellness. YTC graduates are internationally-recognized and job-ready. Whether your goal is to teach locally, travel and lead workshops internationally, or open your own studio, the Yoga Teachers College can support you every step of the way.

Why Train With Us?

Love Your Job

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. We’ll help you teach yoga, inspire students, and change lives. Yoga is booming and there are more opportunities than qualified teachers right now. Enjoy a flexible work schedule, international travel, and explore exciting opportunities both inside and outside of studio settings.

Master-Level Education

YTC training exceeds every international standard for instructors, and we’re one of the only courses in the world endorsed for university-level credit. Fifty percent of our trainees are hired professionally before graduating, and 98 percent are working professionally within six weeks of graduation. YTC is one of the few courses endorsed by American Council on Education, and it’s registered with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals, Yoga Alliance International, and the American Council on Exercise.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Build it, own it. YTC students are equipped with a professional website, photos and videos, a job-ready CV/resume, and a business plan to kick-start their careers. Our alumni are studio owners, influencers, and local health and wellness leaders. Your success is our success, and we invest heavily in launching your education and post-graduation success. See real stories from graduates.

Non-Religious / Non-Dogmatic

No chanting, no chakras, no gurus, and no Oms. Forget all the clichés about yoga. We teach science-based yoga for health and wellness and have no affiliations with any religion or dogma. We welcome people of all faiths (or none at all), and our focus is on serving our clients’ health and wellness needs.

Personal Mentorship

Our huge teaching and support team consists entirely of working professionals. You’ll be matched with a mentor who will be your guide through your home-study course, and you’ll work with at least five different trainers in a professional setting during your in-person immersions. The level of interaction and real-world experience offered is unparalleled and invaluable.

“Before the course, I felt anxious, but now I feel really good about my future.”

It’s nice that all the students have the same mentality; we all want to better ourselves through our practice and turn our practice from a lifestyle into a livelihood.”

– Jasmine Mensen
(United States)

“I think that Lucas is bringing together a system that is accessible to a lot of people.”

But that is still strong and challenging. Also, no one can complain about being in Barcelona for a week doing interesting stuff with interesting people.

What I also liked about the Yoga Teachers College was that from day one we were up in front of our classmates teaching. It’s a good way to get rid of any lingering discomfort, stage fright, or problems quickly.”

– Donal Quirke

“Personally this was the right course for me because of its strong foundation in Vinyasa Yoga.”

Once you start the course, you come to realize that no matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga, you still have so much to learn—not only asanas and movements, but also the deeper biometrics and physiology behind yoga.

Another aspect I enjoyed was meeting a range of people from really different yoga backgrounds with different experiences.

– Nicola Ross
(United Kingdom)

“The online content is very easy to watch.”

Because it’s not only about yoga, it’s also interesting. I am learning a lot, I am very happy.

– Suzanne Hoyos


Lucas has a formal yoga training background in Ashtanga Yoga, Gravity Yoga, Hot Yoga, and the Yoga Trapeze®. He has studied with some of the most well-respected teachers on the planet, including Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Paul Dallaghan, Alex Medin, Gabriel Cousens, M.D., and SN Goenka. Lucas consults directly with leading minds in health and wellness through his podcast, writing, and research.

As a guest teacher, Lucas led the largest online training for Yoga Alliance North America and carved a place for himself as the leader in eLearning for yoga teachers. More than 2,000 students have graduated from his in-person teacher training programs. He has thousands of active members in his Barcelona studios, and he manages a team of 19 teachers internationally. He is best known for his clear, science-based approach to teaching, and entrepreneurial skills in yoga business.

As a writer, his work has been featured in numerous publications including Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Satya, and dozens of newspapers. He has been featured on television programs in New York, California, Bangkok, and Barcelona.
QUALIFICATIONS: Master Yoga Teacher Platinum (Yoga Alliance Australia), RYT 500, E-RYT 200 & YACEP (Yoga Alliance USA).

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We Turn Passionate Yoga Students into Professional Teachers

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