Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

No. At YOGABODY, we feel that your personal beliefs and lifestyle choices are yours to make freely. We reject group-think and dogma, and encourage our teachers to be themselves and find their own path. We don’t offer answers or belief systems; instead, we offer tools and practices that will hopefully lead you to find your own truths.
No. These modalities are not part of the YOGABODY system. We teach yoga, breathing, anatomy, nutrition, and seated meditation practices. Those are our tools and our focus.

Barcelona is where YOGABODY International is based. The weather is great, the cost of living is very reasonable, and the yoga scene is still new. Overall, it’s an awesome place to be, and we call it home.
If you can use a computer, write an email, and have Facebook, you’ll do just fine. We leverage new technology for learning, but the technology we use is simple by design.

Yoga Teachers College

After leading courses for over a decade, the most common feedback from trainees is: “I wish I had more time.” Short, intense learning is wonderful for small bits of information, but for the extensive curriculum we offer at the Yoga Teachers College, you need more time to absorb and retain information, and then integrate your acquired knowledge into your classes. Next level training requires next level commitment in terms of time—it’s just that simple.
No. You cannot become a fully qualified teacher without face time with your trainers, as well as with real students. Distance learning combined with nose-to-toes intensives is the future of education, and to be a qualified yoga teacher, the in-person modules are an absolute must.
If you are not able to find time for this, then it’s not the right course for you. We’re looking to train next-level teachers, which requires a big commitment.
Everyone struggles with self-motivation, that’s normal. We’ve structured this program so that you have at-home assignments coupled with personal mentorship and group accountability. If you slack off for more than a few days, your phone will start ringing. We’re here to support you, motivate you, and help everyone graduate together.
The best teachers are the best students—no exceptions. To be a well-informed, well-trained teacher you need a certain quantity and diversity of training that is only possible when you take lots of classes. Your 100 classes need to be logged during your 6-month training period, and you need to take notes on them in your practice journal. You’ll see, as you transition from a student to a teacher, you’ll begin to experience and learn from classes in a whole new way.
Your course consists of two in-person immersions in Barcelona: one toward the beginning of your studies and the other toward the end. Between immersions, you have eLearning and yoga practice assignments. The eLearning component consists of 24 online modules—hyper-focused classes you’ll find immediately useful for your teaching, your practice, and your career. These online classes are video and audio-based and include simple quizzes that you’ll review in person with your training mentor. During your at-home modules, you’ll work directly with your practice journal and with your training mentor to make sure you get the most from the experience. In a typical week, we recommend you plan to take three to five yoga classes at your local studio(s) and set aside two to five hours for eLearning tasks.
Yes, if that’s an option for you. We have students now from Barcelona participating in the course.
We cannot guarantee employment opportunities within our company since there are many issues to consider before making that kind of offer. We do, of course, often hire from our own training groups, but this is on a case-by-case basis, and it would not be realistic to plan for this. What we do guarantee is that with our help in module IV, you’ll land your first paid teaching gig.
You’ll be assigned a teaching mentor who is a working professional with thousands of teaching hours under his or her belt. This mentor will work with you on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis to answer questions, help you with your studies and reading, and prepare you for your in-person modules in Barcelona.
No. Co-owning a business is a huge commitment both personally and professionally, not unlike marriage, and not something we can promise. In most cases, we recommend having silent partners or no business partners at all for our yoga studio business model. This type of business often works better with less cooks in the kitchen.
No. We have no interest in telling you what color shirt to wear or how to run your business. Instead, we want to show you what we do, allowing you to take what you like and leave the rest. For teachers who would like to represent our YOGABODY brand, we do have an authorized teacher program available to select graduates. For those who want to open YOGABODY-branded studios, we have a very cost-effective and simple studio license program that makes it affordable for you to copy what we’re doing in your hometown.
The Yoga Teachers College is here to provide you with the highest level yoga education possible. What you decide to do with it is completely up to you. Nowadays, yoga is growing faster outside traditional yoga studios than in them, so many graduates are getting creative with how, where, and what they teach. We love it!
All graduates are required to score a minimum of 85 percent on all tests and assessments. Each eLearning module has a quiz or test, and during your in-person immersions, you’ll be assessed numerous times. In the case of a low score, you’ll always have the opportunity to go back, review your studies, and try again; but under no circumstances will we sell teaching degrees or tolerate incompetence. This is a serious program and our graduates earn their credentials.
Like any job, salaries vary. CNN Money just did a report that found the average senior teacher (teaching 7+ years) was making $67K/year, and some teachers were earning more than $100k/year. Teaching yoga does not put you on the fast track to wealth, but it can be lucrative and surprisingly profitable if you are business-minded. We find most starting teachers earn $20k-$30K/year in traditional teaching gigs, and as much as double that in non-traditional settings, such as schools, hospitals, and corporate programs.

After working with dozens of studios and consulting with many, many more, it’s safe to say the average net profit for the owner-operator of your typical one-room, local yoga studio is around $40k/year. Owning two studios is never double the work (it’s more like 20 percent more work), so many studio owners expand into multiple locations over time so they can reach a comfortable six-figure income.
That all depends on you. There are so many different ways to design your life. We have YOGABODY teachers that teach 15 classes per week, have a regular work schedule, and take two days off just like a ‘normal’ job. We have teachers that teach one or two weekend workshops per month around the world. And we have other teachers (like Lucas) who spend most of their time creating platforms for other teachers to shine. Each person is unique, and as time goes on, your interests and focus will change. What’s best for you is what’s best for you. We’re here to open doors and create opportunities.
We recommend six months for the training period. Some can complete it faster, and you could take up to 12 months (max) to complete the course. At the recommended pace of one module per week, six months is a good target length. If you’re concerned about going more quickly or slowly, simply talk with your teaching mentor to see if it’s an option.

Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training

There are two parts to the course. First, you’ll complete a four-module eLearning component, where you’ll study online with video-based classes. This is particularly effective for learning pose names, anatomical names, and basic sequences. We also have two live webinars, during which you can ask questions, get answers, and prepare for the course.

The second part of the course is the in-person immersion, which is focused on practice teaching, leadership, and safety. It’s 90 percent practical and designed to give you the confidence, experience, and real-life skills needed to get out there and teach professionally.
This course is designed for both current yoga teachers and non-teachers. If you’re a yoga teacher, obviously, the teaching skills will come more quickly; but still, the technical way to teach, the rigging, sequences, and safety are all new for everyone. We do require you have a minimum of six-months experience as a yoga student (any style).
Yes. This course is just the right length of time to give you the confidence, knowledge, and experience needed to work professionally. This is not a yoga holiday or retreat, it’s a practical course designed to give you the skills needed to teach.
Yes, absolutely. To get started, we recommend you start teaching privately, and you’ll be surprised how many gyms and yoga studios will be excited to add your classes to their schedules as well. Opportunities for this exciting new style of yoga are growing every day.
Yes. The minimum order is 10 units, and we can set you up with a wholesale account at no cost. Just pay as you go.
We have loads of different options for you. Barcelona is an extremely easy city to travel to. Please see our travel information page for ideas.

Online Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training

Yes, you certainly can—but it all depends on you. If you have a background in yoga, Pilates, or dance instruction, you’ll pick this up very quickly. If you’ve never taught anything before, we’d for sure recommend you utilize your 100% tuition credit to join a live course this year or apprentice or assist locally to get your practical experience.
No problem, you can double up your students on another day. The suggested pace is 2 hours per day, but you can arrange that any way you like.
No, that wouldn’t be fair. We require an 85% or higher score on all exams, and participation throughout the course. You have up to three tries on all exams, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you show up and give 100%, you will almost certainly be successful.
No. The Yoga Trapeze is different. We added handles, lowered the rig, and made the sling smaller so it’s a fitness tool that anyone can use. Those dance and circus movements you see online not what we teach. We teach very safe and simple poses for everyone.
Yes! The Yoga Trapeze is taught professionally in 21 countries, and it’s extremely safe. This is not aerial silks or aerial arts where you are flying from the ceiling 3 meters high. We stay waist-height, never swing, and only practice safe and functional poses—not performance poses.
You’ll study online with video-based classes. This is particularly effective for learning pose names, anatomical names, and basic sequences. We also have two live webinars, during which you can ask questions, get answers, and prepare for the course.
As long as you have access to a phone or computer, you’ll have no problems. It’s a very low-tech course designed for everyone.
That’s fine! As long as you’re serious about learning, we’re happy to invite you to the course.
That’s great… just ask! This is an at-home course, but it contains real-time interaction so you can ask questions, get help, and talk with Lucas and training team throughout the course.
Yes! The minimum is 10 rigs, and once you sign up for the course, you qualify for a wholesale account.
If you already own a Yoga Trapeze, then choose the option without the rig. If you don’t have a rig, obviously, you’ll need one:) The last option is to become an official affiliate which means a branded website, web store, and links from our sites to yours. If you’re serious about this, it’s a very inexpensive way to kick start your business. So which is best? Based on your goals, you decide.

21-Day Private Yoga Business Accelerator

No problem. A website can be helpful but is not needed at all for this program.
Doesn’t matter, this is not about social media.
Yes, as long as you can use Facebook to join the group, you’ll do just fine. None of this requires any tech skills.
No, not at all. We’re talking about offline, private client acquisition and retention.
There is a 100% guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re not happy with this program, just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll refund you in full with no hassles. This is only fun for us if you get results, and this step-by-step formula makes it easy.
This will work for almost all styles of yoga, but not for meditation or spiritual yoga teaching.
Yes. I started teaching before I was certified. I took private clients, and I did an “ok” job. Waiting to be ready rarely helps, the best way to start is to start.
Just ask. I’ll be live in the group every single day. My team will be helping me too.
Nope. Most of what we’ll do is “done-for-you,” meaning we’ll give you templates, you just type in your info – and you’re ready.