Can I Earn a Good Living Teaching
Yoga Trapeze®?

by Yoga Teachers College Founder & Master Trainer, Lucas Rockwood

QUESTION: “Hey Lucas, I’m considering becoming a Yoga Trapeze teacher, but I’m wondering if it’s actually possible to make a good living?”

I had the exact same question during my first yoga teacher training. When I asked my teacher if it was possible to replace my salary at my corporate job, his answer was this:

“If you want to earn money, keep your job. If you want to teach yoga, teach yoga.”

I hear this kind of thing often; and ironically, the teachers who say it the most are often the ones earning the most. My teacher at the time was making around $150,000 per year and was only about seven years older than me. So I thought, why not me? Why does he get to earn a good salary but I’m not allowed?

So, the burning question is: Can you make a good living teaching yoga? The answer is: Yes.

Today, I know tens of thousands of teachers making a living wage; a comfortable salary, and plenty of people making a very lucrative salary depending on how seriously they take their career and how far they want to go with it.

Like any job, experience and ability are the determining factors of your income potential. As reported by CNN Money report, the average starting teacher earns around $23,000 per year in the United States, and the average seven-year teacher earns around $62,000 per year.

There are plenty of teachers earning six-figures and beyond, and these are the teachers who have become business owners and who possibly operate studios, products companies, retreat or events businesses along with their teaching.

Here at the Yoga Teachers College, we’re business-positive. Along with yoga teaching skills, we also train our teachers in business, marketing, sales, and customer service, so that we can all help each other build sustainable careers.

Let’s be honest. If your goal is to make millions and live on a yacht, becoming a yoga teacher is probably not the easiest path. But if your goal is to replace your current income at a job you dislike with a job you’ll love, yoga offers more and more opportunities every single day.

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