Luma Setup | Discovery Class Setup

Login to Luma and follow along

STEP 1: Create event

STEP 2: Upload a photo (need a photo?)

STEP 3: Name your session

EX: Yoga Breathing Discovery Session

STEP 4: Zoom Setup

Recommended: “Create a new Zoom Meeting for me” This will automatically
create a class (or series of classes) in your Zoom account.

STEP 5: This event does not have a start time

TIP: this allows for impulse / fast booking, you can
coordinate actual time later with client.

STEP 6: Select “Require registration”

Recommended: do not selected “Require Registration Approval”
unless you know you need it.

STEP 7: Create Event

STEP 8: Set price for series $0

TIP: uncheck tipping / donations, better if it’s just free.

STEP 9: Questions > add dropdown

STEP 10: Edit event description

STEP 11: Copy the link, send to client!