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  1. CLICK HERE to schedule your class
  2. To post your class click on the desired date
  3. On the Title field add the Title of Your Class + Your Name
  4. On the Description field add:
    • Zoom Link:
    • Zoom ID:
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  5. Select Add Link to paste the Zoom link
  6. Unselect the Entire Day field so you can add the Time
  7. On the Who field indicate if it is Private or Friends/Family Invited
  8. On the Where field leave it blank (since all the classes are online)
  9. Click Save to post your class

Example post:


– Do not edit /delete other people’s classes

– Please do not post all the telephone and extra Zoom info

– Please YOGABOBODY / YTC classes only

– Please remember NO solicitation / marketing / donations

– YOGABODY team will review all posts to ensure they follow the guidelines provided

– If you want to cancel a class please email [email protected]