10 Certified Yoga Trapeze Instructors Share Their Stories

I’ve developed more discipline that I can also apply outside of the mat now that I’m a mother of three.

15 Yoga Teachers Share Their Personal Journey

Want an inside look at how yoga can change your life? These 15 yoga instructors share what brought them to a yoga teacher training.

Hillary Marshall (Georgia, USA)

Hillary Marshall shares how she and her husband prepared for the "vanlife" — taking their dog and the Yoga Trapeze® with them.

Lori Capra (Olympia, Washington)

"When I became a carpenter at age 18, I also began my personal yoga practice. Thirty years later, I hung up my hammer and trained as a yoga teacher."

Gwen Reynis (Iceland)

“I am a completely different person since becoming a yoga teacher. I often joke that before I became a yoga teacher I was Monica Geller from Friends, but now I’m Rachel (or even Phoebe!).”

Annie Anderson (Houston, Texas)

“My best piece of advice is: Don’t wait until you’re ready. Take that first step toward your ultimate goal and the path will appear.”

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