How to Teach Yoga Online (tech)

CE Class with Lucas Rockwood & Yoga Alliance

How to Pay for Yoga Teacher Training?

How to Pay for Yoga

How Much Do Yoga Teachers Earn

Teaching yoga ranks on the “Top 100 Jobs,” according to CNN Money’s Report. Here’s what their research showed and my tips for earning more without burning out.

Teach Yoga Online

To successfully teach online, you cannot simply record your class and hit “publish”, you need to do things differently working with the content limitations and advantages on hand.

Top Tips for Yoga Resume Writing

In order to become a professional yoga teacher, you must learn and develop business skills that will make you an asset (not just an employee) at a studio. The first step: writing a killer resume and cover letter.

Insurance for Yoga Teachers

For Yoga Teachers College Diploma (YTD) holders and Certified Yoga Trapeze Instructors (YTI), insurance is a must.

23 Yoga Business Terms You Should Know

No MBA is needed to run a yoga bsiness, but you do need to educate yourself. From PPC to Flatline Pricing, we give you 23 business terms you need to know if you are a yoga entrepreneur.

Instagram for Yoga Teachers | Yoga Teachers College

Find out how to create an Instagram Business account, then find clients who book you! The perfect guide for yoga teachers here.

Facebook Business for Yoga Teachers

Where are the yoga clients and how do you find them? You need to start on Facebook Business. Find out how.

Get Your Yoga Studio Listed on Google Maps – How To

ATTN: Yoga teachers and studio owners: gain search visibility and attract clients with this simple and free tool from Google. Read our 5-minute guide to find out how.

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