3 Quick Tips for Teaching Yoga from Home

3 Quick Tips for Tea

Junior Yoga Trainers Wanted

Junior Yoga Trainers

A Complete Guide to the Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificates and Courses

You’ll see these two words popping up around any time you look for a yoga teacher or a yoga teaching course: Yoga Alliance. But what exactly does a Yoga Alliance Certification entail?

How to Use Physical Adjustments (safely) in Yoga Class

Learn more about "Minimum Viable Touch" and my other tips on how to use physical adjustments safely and appropriately in your yoga class.

How to Become a Better Yoga Teacher (part II)

If you’re a yoga teacher and you want to up your game, here is a simple concept to live by: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

How to Become a Better Yoga Teacher

It's not enough to have a yoga teaching certificate in order to be a wonderful instructor. You need patience, personality, understanding and our favorite, "show, tell, touch" method.

Essential Oil Pyramid Scheme

This business model is a classic pyramid scheme. You can work as hard as you like, but the top spots on the pyramid were occupied local yoga teacher told you about oregano oil.

3 Sweeteners That Are Worse Than Sugar

I know you may be thinking: Isn’t white sugar the worst? But don’t be fooled by organic alternatives. Here are 3 sweeteners that are actually worse than white sugar when it comes to weight gain and sugar addiction.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Yoga Trapeze®️ Training

Want to become a successful Yoga Trapeze®️ instructor? You should ask yourself these 5 questions before choosing a yoga teacher training course.

Non-Religious Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Classes

Are you interested in yoga without Hinduism or Buddhism mixed in? No chanting, no chakras, no incense, no Oms… this is the official policy at my studios and training courses. The future is mind-body fitness.

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