Travel Freedom as a Yoga Teacher

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QUESTION: “Hi Lucas, is it possible travel the world teaching yoga?”

I actually started teaching as a travel job at first. I wanted to see the world, and I started as an English teacher, but I was horrible at it. I was really into yoga at the time, so I thought, what if I taught yoga instead? I left the United States in 2003 for what was supposed to be a 6-month trip to Thailand, and I never moved back.

For me, I don’t know of any job that offers as many travel opportunities as yoga. But like any job, your ability and experience is going to open doors—not just some certificate you got at a weekend yoga festival.

So where are the opportunities?

Often in new markets. When I first arrived in Bangkok, for example, there were less than 20 yoga teachers in the whole city, so it was very easy to find work and get a working visa. Today, there are thousands of teachers so it’s more complicated (but still very possible). At any given time, there are “developing markets” where it’s easiest to find teaching gigs, so if you focus on those areas, your luck will immediately improve.

Another way to travel with yoga is with seasonal yoga jobs, such as:

  • Holiday destinations
  • Health resorts
  • Ski resorts
  • Summer camps
  • Cruise ships and yachts

So the next question everyone asks is: “How do you get those jobs?”

First and foremost you need to know how to teach. There are thousands of “certified” teachers who are just not competent. They cannot lead a good class, they don’t know how to sequence, and they just haven’t had a proper education.

If you have a random teaching certificate from a yoga festival or a yoga camp you went to, it’s going to be very difficult to make connections internationally. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate your skills and abilities and present them professionally.

At the Yoga Teachers College, we provide all our graduates with photos, videos, and a professional resume so that when they apply for these unique teaching jobs, their application immediately go to the top of the pile because they look and act like the professionals they are.

There is a myth that yoga is competitive because there are hundreds of teachers fighting for every job. The reality is that for every hundreds teachers that apply for a job, less than 10% are actually qualified and professional enough to lead a class.

If you’re well trained, if you know how to market yourself, and if you’re creative with where you look, traveling and teaching is a great way to go and you’ll find dozens of interesting options for your future.