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14-Day Backbend Challenge
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If you suffer from a stiff, locked-up spine that causes you pain and limits your movements in sports and yoga, I’d like to invite you to join my 14-Day Backbend Challenge. After two weeks training together, here are the benefits that you can expect:

  • #1. More strength in the muscles supporting your spine
  • #2. Huge flexibility gains in flexion (forward bend), extension (backbends), and lateral rotation
  • #3. Greater balance in your right/left sides, strong/weak muscles

Back pain affects as much as 80% of the population each year, and with our modern lifestyles, it’s no surprise. Here is what happens:

  • You spend 3-4 hours in “text neck” position on your phone each day
  • You spend 6+ hours hunched over your desk
  • Your go to and from work in a car, usually with poor spinal alignment
  • You then get home and watch TV/Netflix before bed

Bad news: our modern lives are just horrible for spinal health. Most of us are stuck in ‘text-neck’with and our shoulders slightly hunched all day long. Have you ever wondered why we get shorter and smaller as we age? Our spine literally curls up, the soft tissues dry up and shrink!

Poor posture and dysfunctional movement patterns are a big part of why you struggle with back pain and why backends are so difficult in yoga classes.

Myth: spinal health is all about stretching. Yoga teachers tend to throw stretching at every pain and movement dysfunction, but the reality is that a health spine is a 3-legged stool (see below).

The Three-Legged Approach to Spinal Health

STRENGTH (supports the bones) – The key areas we strengthen are the core muscles, the posterior chain muscles, the pelvic floor muscles, and the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

FLEXIBILITY (allows for pain free range of motion) – There is almost always lots of movement in the lower back already, so we focus on pelvic rotation, thoracic spine mobility (mid-back), and shoulder opening (retracting of shoulder blades).

BALANCE (keeps the right/left sides equalized) – If your right-handed, your right shoulder is probably stronger and tighter than your life. If your cross your legs right on top, your right hip is probably more open than your left. Asymmetrical training is the key to identifying and correcting the imbalances that develop in all of us.

My Stiff Back Story

In my first yoga class ever (hot yoga), we started with a Half Moon Pose. This is where you extend your arms above your head and interlace your fingers. Just this simple movement, arms straight up above my head, already gave me back pain!

That’s how stiff I was.

We did another pose called, Camel. This was brutal. I’d literally black out and see stars as I came up for air. I’d seen other students do Cobra Pose and Wheel Pose variations, but those were completely out of reach for me.

My biggest problems were stiffness and imbalances (my right side was way stronger and tighter than the left). I had a decent amount of strength from the gym, but my mobility and stability were non-existent.

So what did I do? Like I’ve done so many times in yoga, I began researching, taking classes with different teachers, and asking good questions. Here’s what I learned…

  • Backbends involve opening the front of your body. This sounds obvious now, but I’d never thought of it before.

  • Healthy backbends require pelvic rotation, lumbar curve, thoracic curve, and retraction of the shoulder blades (I was just always trying to jam my lower back).

  • The fear response in backbends is huge which means your body is very scared to expose your heart. This means your stretch reflex is super strong and must be overcome to free up your spine.

  • The solution to a health, strong and mobile spine must include strength, flexibility and balance—I was only working on flexibility and that was a mistake.

My Back Pain Story

During my early yoga years, I had nagging back pain most days, but my real back pain story began when I was 28 years old. I’d just opened my first yoga studio, I was working 16 hour a days, practicing for at least two hours, and trying to sleep somewhere in-between.

I was physically stressed, emotionally stressed, and it all burst one day with a massive episode of back pain. What happened? Nothing, just pain. I was doing my usual morning yoga practice; and suddenly, I could barely get up off the floor.

I went to the hospital, and the doctor said I’d be totally fine in a week. He was wrong. It was months before I reached some sort of normal, and over a year before I was back to my full fitness level again. No permanent damage was done, but it scared me into treating my back with a new level of respect and care.

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My 14-Day Challenge to You

My challenge to you is very simple. Join me for 15 minutes a day, every day, for 14 days, and we’ll develop the strength, flexibility and balance in your spine. We’ll stretch, breathe, anda explore yoga, nutrition, and practice together. This is 100% practical, practice-based, and accessible to all levels. Here’s how it works.

  • Daily strength & practices
  • Daily stretch practice (Gravity Yoga)
  • Questions, answers and real-time feedback

    [NOTE: all sessions are taught by Lucas Rockwood].

I will broadcast live videos daily, and if you don’t catch me live, you’ll have access to the replays that same day, and then forever via a private website. I’ll also answer your questions before, during, and after each lesson.

Here’s why I love this training format. Students contact me every week wanting to join my yoga classes, but I live in Barcelona and teach all over the world, so it’s very often not possible to join me in person (some day, I hope!). The next best thing is for you and me to connect in real time via these challenges. Based on past experience, they are extremely valuable for everyone involved.

This course is my attempt to share my practices and my best stretching knowledge with you, as if we were hanging out in my studio.

This is unlike any other video course you might have done. It’s just me and my phone, broadcasting from wherever I am in the world. I’ll bring students live on camera, answer questions, and we’ll take this journey together. This is unedited, unscripted, 100 percent raw and real. I’m excited. Are you?

Frequent Questions
It’s fast and easy. It’s already on your phone and you know how to use it. I want to focus on teaching and practicing, not playing around with websites. It’s a super easy way for us to personally connect, too, as we can message each other and talk in real time.
This course is conducted on a private account. Only registered (paid) students will be given access, and it’ll be just for us. No one else will be able to see anything we learn (not before, during, or after the course).
You will, and it’s not a problem! The live videos will be on Instagram for 24 hours and then archived on a special website for you to access forever. You won’t miss a thing.
We have students joining from 11 countries (so far), so I’ll do different times most days and announce them the day before to try to give everyone a chance to join me live, ask questions, and even come on screen (if you want) during the video.
Yes! In 14 days, you’ll feel stronger and measurably more flexible and free in your spine. Of course, two weeks is a starting point, we strongly suggest you continue your practice. To give you a reference, about 80% of your total mobility gains are usually made in the first year. Strength gains happen much faster.
I’ll teach you a combination of Strength, Gravity & Balance Yoga mini-practices.
Give me 15 minutes per day, any time (day or night), and together we’ll begin to transform the heath and mobility of your spine.
I travel and teach internationally, so I broadcast live at different times, from different locations on different days. This also helps me reach more people in different time zones since we typically have students from around the world. But don’t worry, all live session are immediately available to watch on-demand (on Instagram) or in the archives forever.
Just ask! I answer all questions personally. That’s what I’m here for.
Yup, just me. I answer all questions myself and
No problem. Just open an Instagram account (it’s free) with a nickname for this course. No need to do anything more.
No, any iOS or Android device will work, most tablets and iPads work too. You can access everything from desktop computer too, but the live videos won’t stream (but you can get the replays of course).
Yoga Teachers College is a registered school, so students who successfully complete the course will be given a 5-hour Continuing Education Certificate, which can be applied to your 30-hour-every-three-years minimum requirement for teachers.
If you want to keep making flexibility and strength gains, keep going! If you’re happy you’re at, you can do maintenance practices less frequently, but just as intensely.
Just a yoga mat. I will show you some props, but you can use things around the house (like pillows) as substitutes.
That’s completely fine. Open a private account just for this program. You can even use a pseudonym and no photo for privacy if you’d like.
Yes! Beginners often experience the biggest gains. These are extremely challenging, but very accessible poses. They take more mental focus than physical prowess. You’re most welcome no matter what your level or ability.

Update: My Spine Today (2019)

VIDEO: I’m 40 years old, and my back feels great. This is a video of me on my 40th birthday doing 40 dropbacks (note: I don’t advise this). I’ve done this every year for a decade or so.

14-Day Backbend Challenge
Online Course with Lucas Rockwood
27 May – 9 June


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  • Answers to All Your Questions
  • Amazing, Supportive Community
  • Guaranteed Results


  • Instagram Videos
  • Daily Live Instagram Q&A
  • Access to All Videos (even after the course)


  • Instagram Account
  • 15 Minutes Per Day
  • Yoga Mat

Join Lucas Rockwood for a two week Instagram Course where you’ll work on spinal strength, flexibility and balance.

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate Course

Our school is a registered Continuing Education provider, so all students who successfully complete the program will be issued a five-hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate that counts toward your 30-hours-per-three-years minimum to stay active.

Yoga Alliance Certification: Five-Hour Continuing Education

About Lucas Rockwood

I’m a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, studio owner, podcaster, and all-around yoga nerd. When I started practicing yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes, but within a very short period of time, I completely transformed my body and my life.

One of the things that frustrates me is that, for the most part, the ‘how to’ teachings in yoga are horrible. What I mean by that is yoga teachers do a great job of showing you how flexible they are, but they are lousy at explaining how they got there.

How exactly did they get there?

Since I’m not naturally athletic or flexible, the question of ‘what is the best way to make progress’ has always been my focus. Over time, I’ve uncovered some very simple, yet powerful truths that I know will make a huge difference for you.

To date, I’ve trained more than 3,500 yoga teachers internationally. I have 2.5 million listens of my health and wellness podcast. I own and operate three professional yoga studios in Barcelona. I’ve spoken on the TEDx Stage, I wrote a six-part series for Yoga Journal, and I’ve been interviewed on 16 different radio and television programs. I’m also a dad, a nutrition fanatic, a serial entrepreneur, and I’m obsessed with learning.