Graduate Profiles

Top 3 Reasons Yoga Trapeze Teachers Are So Successful

Yoga teachers struggle in business when they try to sell yoga. You need to stop trying to sell yoga and start solving problems.

5 Ways to Make Money Teaching Private Yoga

Do you get burned out teaching drop-in classes in studios and secretly wonder, “What if I did my own thing?”

The Only 2 Ways to Grow Your Yoga Business

Brand names, fancy logos, and artsy photography has nothing to do with growing a yoga business. I'll tell you how to do it.

How to Teach Less & Earn More

Burnout is a job hazard that you must take seriously. Here's how to teach fewer yoga classes and still grow your business.

3 Off-the-Mat Marketing Strategies

Yoga teachers come to me expecting to learn some super secret tip that will transform their business. Truth: Old school ideas are the ones that work best.

The Private Yoga “Give Yourself a Raise” Technique

Find private yoga students and start making a better salary. Free template included here!

How to Sell Without Selling Out (yeah, really!)

Everyone hates selling. Well here’s the good news: There is no better selling tool in the world than teaching.

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5 Reasons to Do a Yoga Training in Barcelona

Looking to visit the yoga hub of sunny Europe and become a certified instructor? Read our 5 favorite things about yoga in Barcelona.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Spain: More On Barcelona

Read about your yoga teacher training options in Barcelona, plus 4 important questions to ask yourself before you choose.

Can You Travel the World Teaching Yoga?

If you're creative with where you look, traveling and teaching is a great way to go.