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Dear Yoga Teacher,

If you’re ready to take control of your career, earn more, and find independence from yoga studios, there’s a very good chance I can help you. I recommend all my teachers shift at least 50% of their work online immediately. Here’s why:

  • Huge Demand: home practice is booming, and students are desperate for high quality, live instruction.
  • 2-3x More Income: you keep all the revenue from your classes with no studio of fitness center expenses.
  • Control Your Schedule: if you’re sick of running all over town teaching classes at different facilities, you can finally work from home.
  • Live Anywhere: want to leave the city? Move to Bali? Live on a farm? With a good internet connection, you can live wherever you want.
  • Super Low Cost: with nothing more than $15 Zoom account, your phone, and laptop, you can run a profitable business all by yourself.
  • Real Growth Opportunity: there’s no limit to how much you can grow your business when you’re not confined to one class and one location.

Home practice is amazing, but practicing all alone is not. As an online teacher, you’ll coach, motivate, and support your students on their journeys. As a teacher, this is so rewarding. From a business perspective, it’s an exciting opportunity to be your own boss.

With nothing but your phone and an internet connection, you can start working from home immediately.

Here’s My Story

I started teaching online in 2007. Back then, I used mostly emails, PDFs, and grainy YouTube videos. It was clunky, but it worked. Today, it’s so much easier and the demand for online yoga has exploded. Every single person I know (including my kids) is studying at home with live video classes, but most yoga teachers still haven’t figure out how to do it.

I can help you.

If you want to be successful in the business of yoga, simply look at what everyone else does and do the opposite. 98% of yoga teachers hate business and actively avoid learning it. Is it any wonder they struggle? Don’t make these mistakes.

  • DON’T post free YouTube videos that are just like all the others – that’s not adding value for anyone
  • DON’T host free Facebook and Instagram lives while you drink tea and stretch in your living room – this is boring
  • DON’T waste time trying to be a famous influencer by posting breakfast pics to social media – this is not what students need
  • DON’T create a personal brand, fancy logos, or complex websites – your students don’t care about any of those things

How to be of service? Your students have real health challenges and a sincere interest in learning. You have great teaching skills and experiences that can help, but you need to focus. You need to charge for your services, and you need a blueprint for success.

COVID-19 Changed Yoga Forever

When the Coronavirus hit, I was forced to close my three successful yoga studios. Online teaching was already 50% of my career, so I immediately switched to teaching exclusively online.

I was so nervous. Would the classes be any good? Could I earn real income online? And most importantly: Do my students actually want online yoga?

All my fears were for nothing. The moment I flipped 100% online, things exploded. My initial classes had 20-25 people, then 30-35 people, and I even had one class with 320 students. Crazy! That’s the biggest class of my life.

When you first start, you won’t have huge classes like this, but imagine for a moment what it would feel like to have 6, 8 or 12 students in your regular classes a couple weeks from now?

What would it feel like if you get to 20 or 25 students per class?

How would that change your finances? Your freedom? Your lifestyle?

No more boss, no more worrying about pandemics or studio closures. You’re in charge. You control your fate, and your future can grow as big as your vision and determination allow.

My Open Invitation to You

If my story resonates with you, I’d like to invite you to the Online Yoga Teacher 7-Day Startup. In seven simple modules, I’ll take you from zero to your first paying client.

But let me be clear…

… this is not an online marketing course

… this is not about personal brand or influencer marketing (bleh)

… and this is not about sales or persuasion

This course is 100% focused on you doing what you already do, teaching yoga, but doing in online, at scale, on your own schedule, as your own boss. Sound good?

MODULE 1: Choose Your Niche

Generalists offer “me too” classes online that don’t add value, they just add to the noise. In this module, you’ll learn how to use yoga to serve students by solving problems and meeting their needs. When you do this, marketing and sales become almost unnecessary. Students will be naturally attracted to you.

Sample specialties include: yoga for athletes, yoga for weight loss, yoga for back care, yoga for sleep problems, and yoga for stress relief. Not sure what to specialize in? Don’t worry, I’ll help you figure it out in about 30 minutes, and it’ll

change your teaching life forever.

MODULE 2: Low Tech Instant Startup

No one cares if you have a fancy camera or a studio lighting setup. All they care about are great classes. In this module, you’ll learn to use nothing but your phone and laptop, and launch your business right now.

NOTE: this whole system is designed for one-person operations. This means our low tech solution should be able to be setup in less than five minutes, requires no help, and almost no learning curve.

MODULE 3: Software & Management

We use no-cost programs such as Zoom*, YouTube, Google Docs and Telegram to manage our clients. Nobody likes messing around with clunky software, not you or your clients, so we the absolute best, industry standard products – and they’re all free. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the setup.

*Note: most teachers opt to upgrade their Zoom to $15/month

MODULE 4: Session Plans

If you’re teaching your first online group class or working with a difficult private client, it can be nerve wracking to try to figure out what to teach. How to structure the class? What about the initial meeting? In this section, I’ll give you exact minute-by-minute plans for your sessions, initial meetings, and more so there is no mystery on how to execute a great session.

MODULE 5: No Cost Marketing

Use my proven, copy/paste templates to attract clients immediately at no cost. No need for paid ads, SEO or online marketing, you simply need to communicate your offer well and announce it. From there, the snowball starts rolling. We have a simple done-for-your system you’ll use to jumpstart your business.

MODULE 6: Pricing & Payment

Use my done-for-you spreadsheets to set pricings, create online payment links, and start onboarding clients. Proper pricing structure is crucial to getting longer-term clients, prepaid work, and making thing work on auto-pilot. To run your online business, you also need online payment options. I’ll show you some tricks that will allow you to get setup in 2-3 minutes and cost nothing.

MODULE 7: Referrals & Growth

This business thrives on word-of-mouth, but it doesn’t happen on its own. In this module, you’ll learn how to use guest passes, referral requests, and dead-simple techniques to take your first 1-3 clients and turn them into a full practice. One of the beautiful things about online teaching is you only need a handful clients to earn a fulltime living. This can often be achieved in a matter of weeks.

Meet Your Teacher – Lucas Rockwood (me)

If you’re serious about making the move to online teaching, I’m your guy. I’m a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, and serial entrepreneur.

I opened my first yoga studio in 2006 in Thailand and ran it successfully until it sold in 2008.

I opened and ran YOGABODY Fitness Studios (3 in total) in Barcelona from 2013 to 2020.

I founded YOGABODY, a leading manufacturer of yoga props internationally in 2007, and I founded the Yoga Teachers College, a top 10 yoga training school in 2006.

To date, I’ve certified over 5,000 yoga teachers who teach in 41 countries. I’m also a podcaster, a father of three international kids, and a nutritional coach.

My work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yogi Times, LA Yoga, Satya, and Namaskar. I’ve been a guest on over 20 podcasts, featured on national radio 4x’s, and hosted a local television show on raw food and yoga for a season. My TEDx talk on yoga breathing has over 1 million views, and my Yoga Alliance online business class was the largest ever with 1,200 participants.

Course Reviews

“I have done more this past week to get my business up and running with no fear!”

– Nicki K

“I have been so delighted with the course! It gave me confidence that I can start up my own business in a niche field. Which is something I never thought possible before. The step-by-step approach made it so comprehensible and easy to understand! I definitely recommend this course!”

– Asa

“I feel more professional and confident for when I will have a potential client in front of me. Before, I didn’t know how much I should charge, what offers I should make, how to set up payments. Now I have those things set up and with the discovery session script it just makes things simpler for me to present my offer to the client and makes things clear for the client as well. Thank you Lucas, this was a great help!”

– Yoga Teacher (USA)

“I did the homework, posted a short video (30 secs) and attracted a client enquiry the same day. Here’s to the next 49!”

– Belinda

“I have gained so much confidence due to training…I have created 4 niches and am ready to start from next week.”

– Tarka

“Enjoyed logging in every day to listen to Lucas’ advice. Easy to follow steps. Helpful resources provided.”

– Sue

“I am a new yoga teacher and I completed 500 hours of teacher training in December. I had just started teaching when COVID hit but I’m excited about get my classes online. I have always felt like I wanted to reach people that are not comfortable or able to go to a yoga studio. Online is the perfect way to do that.”

– Kelly

Imagine 7 Days from Now…

Book your first paid client. Use my copy/paste, no-cost techniques to book your first paid client in a matter of days. This is tried and tested, extremely simple, and works.

Earn more with less. You don’t need to rent a studio or own fancy equipment. I’ll show you how to leverage the teaching skills you already have, the phone and laptop you already own, and use them to build a business right now.

Take control of your schedule. No more running from studio-to-studio all day. Set your schedule on your terms, batch your clients, and build your work around your life rather than the other way around.

Get paid in advance. With this system, you’ll get paid at the beginning of the month instead of the end. This changes your finances dramatically, and it also changes the attitude of your students who show up committed to practice. It’s win-win.

Teach what you love – but now online! You’re already a great teacher with lots of value to share. I’ll show you how to tweak your current approach to make it effective on camera. You do you, only online. You’ll reach more people and earn more money.

Online Yoga Teacher
7-Day Startup

From Zero to First Paid Client

100% Online Course
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  • Instant access to the eLearning Teacher Center
  • All 7 modules, on demand (streaming) & download
  • Copy / paste promotional materials
  • Done-for-you session plans
  • New student form (template)
  • Discovery class planner
  • Royalty-free graphics
  • Pricing calculator (dynamic / auto worksheet)

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365-Day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re unhappy with this course or decide it’s not for you, simply send us an email for a prompt and hassle-free refund. This approach works, and I’m confident you’ll get results. But if you don’t, we insist you request a refund. We’re here to help.

FREE! Bonus Materials ($73 value)

New Student / Liability Form Template ($39 value – FREE!)
This simple form allows you to collect student contact details, outlines your terms and conditions, and serves as a legal liability waiver for your classes. Copy/paste our template and off you go.
Price Calculator ($15 value – FREE!)
This dynamic Google Sheet will help you calculate your rates for both group and private classes in your area instantly. The bigger the purchase, the bigger the discount, it’s all logical and formulaic – no need to waste time. Copy/paste and off you go.
Copy / Paste Promos ($19 value FREE!)
This dynamic Google Sheet will help you calculate your rates for both group and private classes in your area instantly. The bigger the purchase, the bigger the discount, it’s all logical and formulaic – no need to waste time. Copy/paste and off you go.
Done-for-You Social Media Bios
If no one is messaging you on social media to ask about classes, it’s probably because your bio is no good. You can write your own or just copy one of the dozens of templates we’ve created that fit with what you offer. Copy/paste, and off you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you are trained and certified in any style of yoga, personal training, or fitness, this system will work for you.
This system will work exactly the same for you.
Most of our graduate teach both, but you can pick and choose based on your clients’ needs and your personal preferences.
If you have iPhone or Android phone made after 2016, it will work just great. It very helpful if you also have access to a laptop or computer. Any model is just fine.
Most of our students end up purchasing a $15/month Zoom account to run their classes. This is suggested, but not required. You can do it free if you like. There is no other purchase required or recommended. We’re all about low tech and low investment.
No, it’s not needed and often not worth the time.
No need at all. You should have an Instagram and Facebook account, but no need to post regularly, play the influencer game, or anything like that.
No, it’s not appropriate for this approach.
We have over 500 graduates teaching on camera now. At least 80% of them hated the sound of their own voice and were terrible on camera. It’s just like anything, you get better very quickly. You can do it.
Request refund, you have a full 365 days.
Sure you have at least 10 mbps download and 3 mbps upload. Check here
It doesn’t matter; you can live anywhere.
Yes, this is a very simple program focused 95% on teaching and 5% on business.
Everyone is techy. You’re probably reading this on a very powerful phone or computer and you probably found this page through social media. You know more than you think, and you can learn all of this very quickly. Nothing we use involves coding or SEO or html. You’ll do just fine.

Now Just $199

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Safe & Secure Checkout
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed