3 Quick Tips for Teaching Yoga from Home
Real-World Tips from Founder, Lucas Rockwood

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If you’d like to teach yoga online, from home, let me share 3 quick tips that have been very helpful for me in my business.

Tip #1. Don’t Get Fancy with Technology

Here is my daily setup: iPhone, laptop, cheap tripod ($15 on Amazon), and Bluetooth headphones. Most of these items you have already have, and if you don’t, can get yourself setup for very little money.

Tip #2. Quit the “Social Media Influencer” Game

People are bored with yoga selfies, inspirational quotes, and green smoothie photos. None of that stuff makes you a better teacher, so don’t bother. Social media is great as a communication tool. Use it to connect and talk to real people, not to collect random fans or likes.

Tip #3. Specialize & Offer Something Unique

There are already 1000s of classes on free classes on YouTube, so if you want to get paid for your work, if you want to start a real business teaching from home, you need to focus on your unique teaching abilities – and you need help solve your clients’ health problems. When all the studios were forced to closed because of the Coronavirus, I shifted my entire teaching schedule online.

I was really nervous at first – but the demand was huge and growing every day. If you’re a skilled yoga teacher, you need to make the move to online, and the good news is that your can learn the process very quickly.

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